Fruit bowl make into a floor lamp....really!

nicole__July 15, 2009

I got a free old rusty floor lamp on CL. Torchier style. Then added an old fruit bowl to the top as a glass globe. Here's the before picture of the lamp base...

Fruit bowl with the base turned over:

New finish for the rusty bottom:

What do you think? (I'm still working on accenting it a little)

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It looks really cool, but the bowl looks like it started life as part of an old fashioned light fixture!! It looks great and you are very inventive!!

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WOW! What a great combination. It looks like the fruit bowl was made for that lamp! Thanks for sharing!

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Bowl has almost same design as the metal top part!! Look great together!Jan

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Great idea! How did you cut the hole in the fruit bowl?

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kathy....there was already a hole in it...the base screwed onto the glass bowl. I'm sure you could drill a hole in a bowl and achieve the same effect....just keep it cool while drilling with water, use a diamond drill bit....wear protective eyewear.

OR.....last March I went to Hobby Lobby and found the exact same bowl on a 90% off rack. :0)

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What great style.
Good job.

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Now I have used old floor lamps for bowling ball holders but never thought to put a fruit bowl on one! lol! It does look like it was made for that lamp. Great job combining the two!

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Nicole what an awesome transformation! The design on the glass looks like it was meant to go with the top of the lamp too. Talk about made for each other!

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