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ElysiumJuly 16, 2010

Hi all!

I am looking for some advice. My dining room table is too small so I decided I need a new one. But I'm cheap, I like to turn something I can get off Craigslist into something I will adore. See I love a farmhouse table, just hate the price that goes with it, soooo onto Craigslist I venture.

I found a table I am very interested in and in fact I'm buying it this weekend, $60 yes please and thank you. I just hate the finish on it. I want to change the stain to suit me. It looks like a typical Rooms To Go table, but I want to make it look more farmhouse.

I also purchased beautiful windsor chairs off of Craiglist for a steal so I plan to pull together a farmhouse look.

My question is, what do I have to do to this table top to get it to the color I want? Here are the pics of the table and what I am trying to achieve:

Table now:

Table I want:

Help me! I'm thinking a good sanding, stain, satin poly. Correct? I also posted this in woodworking, but not sure if many venture there.

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I would put on a stripper of some sort (depending on what finish is on it now) maybe a varnish remover or something similiar, that will remove the fishish on it now. I think if you dont remove this surface and only sand, you will most likely not get it all off and your stain might not go on evenly, after that then lightly sand, apply your stain and finish off with poly.

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