Mice in wooden chest of drawers

wantoretire_didJuly 16, 2006

I've stored an empty antique solid wooden chest of drawers in a shed for a couple of years, and just discovered that last winter mice made a home in one of the drawers, along with some fiberglass batting, with the resulting odor. Is there any way to get rid of the odor? I haven't tried anything yet, not wanting to make a bad thing worse.


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How about putting a box of baking soda in the drawers - or sprinkling some of it in each drawer to absorb the odor (like using it in the frig). I'd leave it outside for a few days too. Just thought of this too - kitty litter soaks up odors also.

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Charcol might be effective as well.

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I got a wonderful cabinet that had once been a very active mouse house. Mouse urine will stay with stuff for a very long time but you can do a few things. First is a very good scrubbing with bleach.. then totally soak the stuff in a liquid called NATURES MIRACLE... you can get it at most pet shops. It will take 5-6 sessions of wetting it with this stuff and then letting it dry and doing again to get the smell gone. It can be easier just to put in new drawer bottoms !


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