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DolceMiaApril 2, 2003

My sis and I are planning to go to Wildwood this summer and are looking for info about a hotel called Beach Holiday. The rates are REALLY cheap (IMHO) and I can't seem to get any info about the hotel itself. Has anyone ever stayed there? Did you hear anything, good or bad, about this hotel. I don't need info about other hotels in the area, just this one.

If you have stayed in the area recently, do you know of any good buffets? Kids are picky eaters and buffets usually do us best.



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It would depend what you are looking for, if you can't see pictures of it, look at pictures of other hotels closeby and check out their price ranges, then compare to your price and try to judge if you can live with a lower grade hotel. Price is not always a good comparison, but often it is. If it's that cheap, don't expect much.

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Have you ever been to WildWood before??
The hotels off the beach are usually very reasonable. If your kids are young, shoot for staying in either "North WildWood" or "WildWood Crest".
Downtown Wildwood is more of a "party" area and can get rowdie (In a Mardi Gras kinda way)

I can highly recommend a place in North WildWood called "The Acropolis". Its located at 3rd and JFK and there is a bandstand closeby so you can sit out at night and listen to music.
If you want to stay in the "Crest" I can recommend a place called "Madrid".

My family stays in a place called "The Summer Sands" and they like it a lot.

We used to go to WildWood every summer, but we are not big on the bar scene. A few years ago we started going to Cape May because its more quiet and relaxing,
It all depends on your preferance.

I hope you and your family have a great time!!


Here is a link that might be useful: WildWood NJ

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Hi again,
Heres a link to the hotel

Here is a link that might be useful: Beach Holiday

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