Dog bed from dresser drawer/Headboard?

kittymommyJuly 29, 2005

I saw a photo of a pet bed that appeared to be a dresser drawer with a headboard. Molding was added to the front of the drawer where the knobs normally would be and on the headboard. I have some old dresser drawers and I would like to try this but I can't think of anything that would fit on the back of drawer that I could use for a headboard. I'm not that talented with a saw so I can't make one. Any suggestions?

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How about a short picket fence section? The type you would use for flower beds..something fancier might be to cover a piece of heavy cardboard cut to size with padding and fabic..I like the idea of the bed..would make a cute cat bed cats never sleep where I want them to though :0)

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I'm getting ready to make a cat bed out of an old drawer! Someone on this forum gave me the idea. I wasn't planning on adding a back. Maybe you could go to a place that sells architectual things and find something there? The top piece of an old narrow dresser might work or maybe you could cut something down. Post pictures once you get finished - I'd like to see it!

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you might try a spindle on each corner for a '4-poster' You could put some of the little round pieces or knobs for the bottom also to raise it up a bit.

Yes you could use heavy cardboard or light wood and pad and upholster to match the mattress. I agree with the wood or plastic 'fences' for gardens..they make some that look like headboards. And the plastic ones are easy to cut and glue or nail or screw on.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone! The fence idea sounds cute bu I wanted a solid back that I might have roses and my cat name written on. Maybe I can find someone that does the One Stroke paint. Good ideas here! I'll post photos when it's completed.

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What? It's been two days and you still haven't finished it and posted pics? :o) Just kidding!!!

That really sounds like a great idea. My little terrahua (terrier/chihuahua mix) likes to curl up in a blanket or under the bed in a corner...she might like the enclosed feeling from sleeping in a dresser drawer doggy bed.

Please post photos if ya'll get them made.

~ Cat

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My daughter made this dog bed. Not from drawers, but really nice looking anyway.


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How adorable! Your daughter is very talented - Great Job! The dogs are beautiful!

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