GE II - different packaging?

mad_about_mickeyJuly 21, 2011

When I went to purchase more there were two made by GE.

The tube i purchased has GE II clear in top right

corner of the 'label'. Window/door/attic basement on white

part of label.

On blue background it says 'premium waterproof silicone.'

It says 3 hr rainready- sun/freeze proof won't crack or crumble.

Is this the same stuff?

The other tube said something that this one didn't , but can't remember now....

Thanks !

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My tube is white. chartreuse and gold. It says "silicone II clear" on the top right hand side. Then "Premium Silicone Glue" in the chartreuse part and "waterproof and airtight - sun/freeze proof" in the gold part. This works for me.

I also have a large tube that you use with a gun but I haven't used it yet. It is a blue and gold tube and says it is for doors and windows.

Hope this helps.


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Oh- I should have clarified, It is the big tube for the gun. And it is a white tube with gold and blue boxes with the wording on them and a picture of a curved top window on the left side of the tube. (1/2 of a window).

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I'm sorry I couldn't help you, but I am sure you will hear from some of the "junkers". They are very knowledgeable and always helpful.


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Yes- they changed their labeling. It took me a while to figure out which one to use, too!

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