Paint Silver Plated Items???

maryjsmcJuly 15, 2007

I've been trying to get rid of all my silver plate pieces but no one wants them because of the maintenance and more casual lifestyles. So...

What if they are painted? Using them for food could be a problem but a teapot could be used for a floral arrangement.

Has anyone tried this?

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I mosaic on silver plate pieces, some I have painted with Kilz spray paint. Do a search to see how to paint it correctly,but those bring huge big bucks mosaiced. Make nice vanity trays from them,something to hold perfume and jewelry. I polish the piece,then mosaic,and after I grout I spray with a clear sealer to keep it silver and shiny. Would be great gifts with bath soaps( I make bath soaps and salts and fizzies and give them on a tray) or hair brushes and hair accesories. Hope this helps.

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Luvstocraft does this all the time....I'll bump this and go find her to answer you!

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Hi Maryjsmc, Kudzukween is right about the mosaic silver plate pieces turning out so pretty and selling for good prices.

I can't mosaic, but I do buy lots of the trays, bowls, teapots etc. and paint roses on them. I try to never paint the really good, heavy weight pieces. Those are worth cleaning and keeping polished IMHO.

I just clean them with soap and water and dry really well, then spray a coat of Kilz primer on, then usually a white or ivory coat of spray paint. Then I use regular acrylic paints to paint on a design. Couple coats of spray on sealer and you have a pretty decorative piece.

You can always set food on a clear glass plate and set it on the painted tray. I love them hung on the wall or displayed on an easel as part of a table vignette too. They make nice dresser or vanity trays too.

I used to find lots of them at the TS for less than $5.00, but now many are priced much higher. Guess whoever does the pricing realized they were being bought up. LOL

If you want to see what some painted ones look like, I can post a couple for you, or you can look for them on the gallery of the Painting forum.

You might also want to look for examples at Hope this helps you.


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