Another slat box from 3/4' stock

chuckr30July 28, 2005


table saw



This is another simple slat box made from 3/4" stock. So your slats will all be 3/4" high.

- Cut 2 pieces for sides, say 6" x 8". The 6" will be the box height, the 8" will be the box width (top edge of a side).

- So you want a 10" long box? Cut slats which are 10" long by using the table saw to cut 1/8" thick slats. You will be cutting strips from the side of the 3/4" board.

- Nail and glue slats, starting from the bottom of the solid side pieces, to the sides. Caution: you will only be able to fit 1 nail per end because the slat is so skinny. Use another slat as a space between slats.

- Do both sides, then do the bottom.

Now you have an unfinished box much like what the major craft stores sell. And it was fun making it! Plus you can make as many as you want, any size you want.

This type of box is great for holding 2-3 flower pots for herbs or flower or nick nacks.

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Cutting slats from 3/4" stock.

Finished box.

End view.

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