Where do you get the best deals on plane tickets?

linnea56March 4, 2009

My daughter and a friend are flying to London in June to join a student tour group, and itÂs my job to find the flight. The tour company wanted $1300 for each round trip ticket, and I thought I could do better. But howÂI donÂt know. IÂm afraid to try Priceline for something so major. It has to be a non-stop. Plus the dates are quite specific: they have to be there for the start of the tour on the morning of June 10.

Thanks for any help!

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Linnea, I search and search and search every site I can think of online, (expedia,travelocity,sidestep,hotwire, etc), then when i find the best one, i go to that airlines site directly and see if I can get it any cheaper. Good Luck.

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I like Linda's way of doing it. That is the way I check out motels before I reserve. I use a travel agent to book my airline tickets and and unguided tours.

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I'm like Linda, I check every site I can think of...I did just hear, flights are supposed to be a little cheaper if you book during the middle of the week....Also, I've found the cheapest is to go directly to the airline site...I've really gotten some good deals...Good luck!

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