hesitations about planning a trip

mitchdesjMarch 11, 2003

It seems like everyone I know that usually vacations in the spring, has put their plans on the back burner, sort of a "wait and see" mode. The war would disrupt the airways somewhat, I just can't imagine to what extent. I live in Canada so I am thinking of staying within the country.

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I too, had reservations about planning my trip to Vegas next month. But..I'm taking my chances & even spent the $30 extra in case I must cancel-I get my $$ back for the trip-all but the $30. Sure hope this applies to the situation-if it arises. I would not however, make overseas plans-just wouldn't, right now.

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We planned our trip to CA, and it turned out that our flight going out was the day we went to war. We were pleased with security on all legs of the flight. Although with DH's foot surgery, all the pins and plates make for a lengthy security check LOL

Disney in CA, in my opinion, wasn't as secure as Disney in FL has been since 9/11. They did searches but not as thorough. I also didn't see a large presence of security. At California Adventures, however, there were security folks everywhere you looked.

My hesitancy to fly now is more clouded by the SARS scare than war.

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I was thinking more about SARS than the war. A sick person breathing out seems a more hidden threat than someone waving a bomb around on a plane... they can check for bombs...

I'm driving on my vacation this year (5 hours so no biggie)!

- darkeyedgirl

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Speaking of this subject...this was in Clark Howard's Travel Newsletter today. It is interesting! But someone please tell me what "rearranging the seat covers" does???

Housekeeping on the airlines:

Just how clean are airplanes? Current cleaning methods are said to be sufficient to rid an aircraft of any mystery virus or bacteria - even if an infected passenger is found on board.
Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, antiseptics currently used on the planes are sufficient to kill the SARS bacteria. The health agency said cleaning crews could follow normal procedures under ordinary circumstances, simply wearing gloves and washing their
hands after performing their jobs.

Several American airlines say they do not plan any special procedures to rid planes of SARS beyond the regular cleanings that planes undergo.

The U.S. government requires aircraft to meet reasonable levels of physical and air cleanliness, but it does not set standards for how often planes must undergo thorough cleaning, leaving both the methods and the cleaning agents up to the airlines. Clean-up varies from airline to airline. Most pick up trash, wipe up lavatories and
rearrange seat covers and seat belts during the day.

Basic cleaning is mostly done at night. Most carriers clean and vacuum carpeting and wash doors, windows, wipe off tray tables and arm rests, clean and disinfect restrooms, wipe out overhead bins and arrange seat
belts for the next day's passengers. Every 15 days the airlines thoroughly clean carpets and upholstery and disinfect lavatories.

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I took Aloha airlines from Orange County Airport to Phoenix - last year. I saw two cockroaches climbing near me. I'll never fly that airlines again.

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