Removing Ink Mark from Very Old Wood?

des_arc_ya_yaJuly 16, 2006

Anybody have a suggestion? My DH made me a coatrack from my grandparent's old porch post and a base from my uncle's old cypress barn. We changed the bottom base/board and the side up has an ink pen mark across the middle. The wood is old untreated, very dry and cracked cypress. What'll take the mark of ink off without changing the look of the wood?


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Don't know if this will work on wood - but I've read somewhere's to use hairspray on ink on clothing - worth a try.


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Rubbing Alchhol. That's why hairspray usually works, because most hairspray has alcohol in it. I would worry about a sticky residue the hairspray might leave on old unfinished wood, though. Rubbing alcohol is your best bet and it dissipates quickly.

Try it on a small spot first. Dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol, rub just the pen mark and immediately blot with a clean dry cloth. Don't rub with the dry cloth, just blot. Rubbing might cause the wood to get hung up on the fibers in the cloth.

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IF that stuff dont work try taking that board off and plane the top of it .. it just smimms the top of like 1/100ths.

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