Hollywood - Price is Right , game shows?

Kristie_WIMarch 14, 2002

Has anyone been to any game show's taped in the hollywood area? We got tickets yesterday for "The Price is Right" but they are not guaranteed, we still need to get there really early to get in. I know there are other tapings around that area and wanted to know if any one could offer some good suggestions. And is the Hollywood Sign easy to see from all over the place, would love a picture of it!



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Kristie....can only help you with how best to see the famous H O L L Y W O O D sign.
In the linked website below, read the last submission by an individual.
If you follow those directions, you will get a good photo opportunity.
P.S. Many years ago my sister lived on the rather well known Beechwood Drive so I used to see it frequently.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Hollywood Sign

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Hi, I live about 12 minutes away from the Hollywood sign. In my opinion, one of the best locations to view the Hollywood sign is from inside the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater. During the day, you can walk into the huge amphitheater at no cost (and if you are lucky, you will get to hear the orchestra practicing for a preformance). If you climb the stairs to about the middle of the amphitheater you will see the sign on the hill to the left and above the Hollywood Bowl stage. This way you can get a photo of the Hollywood sign with the foreground of the world's largest outdoor amphitheater.

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for tickets for game shows, and other show tapings check out this link

Here is a link that might be useful: studioaudiences.com

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If you don't make it into the show, go right next door to the Farmer's Market - a landmark destination for many years - a fun place to go have lunch - even see famous people sometimes.

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Dear Kristie,

Make sure you get there at least two hours ahead. You and your family can take turns standing in line. The shows stand outside of tourists attractions and hand out tickets, which means they over book to assure the audience will be full. They never know who will attend and who will not.
If you wish to be a contestant, the more dramatic you act while in line, or the outfit that you have on can get you on the show. In other words, be a big old phoney.LOL They don't want someone who will clam up on them while on camera.

These are just my experiences and some things that has been passed on to me by people who have been on some of the shows.

Have fun.

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