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okieladybugJuly 20, 2006

Hi all! I joined this site to learn about cottage gardening, then discovered that there were forums for my other interests too, so here I am! I have a question I'm hoping you all can answer!

I obtained several wooden pallets. I was planning to use them for my garden, but DH has vetoed the idea. I decided to paint them for yard art, instead. How do I go about doing this? Should I prime it first? If so, what should I use? If I use exterior paint, do I need to seal it with something?

I'm planning to make one for each season. I thought I could give the set to my Mom for her birthday. I know I'll do a prim looking American flag for summer, a scarecrow selling "punkins" for Fall and snowmen for winter. I'm still coming up with ideas for spring.

Thanks in advance for your input! I want to start on these this weekend!

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I was told it wasn't necessary to seal when using exterior paint, but I still like to use a sealer anyway. There is a poly sealer just for wood I use.

I want to see photos when you do these, your idea sounds wonderful.

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Ok, I'll check into getting a sealer to use, as well. Wednesday was Mom's birthday, but I was sick and didn't get to see her. She had specifically asked for something from Bath & Body Works and I picked up a few things. I also printed out a little coupon on my computer and put in the card that said she would get 4 hand-painted yard art signs over the next year (1 for each season). She was more excited over the yard signs than the bath gel!!! :) I guess that's a good thing!

I'll definitely post some pics when I get them finished. I've got to start working on the Autumn one for Mom and I'd like to make one for myself, as well.

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What a fantastic idea, I would like to see pics also. Only a suggestion: For the Autumn one, what about nailing some "shelves" on the pallet to hold real pumpkins? How about a garden hook on the side to hold a lantern with tealights? 3D is what I'm getting at. Spring/summer - a string of slow flashing lights to immitate lightening bugs against a painted background of flowers, grasses, bugs, etc. (Battery operated would be nice.) Attach an old garden shovel/rake, grapevine, etc. I have some old picket fence sections, wonder if I could do the same with them!!

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