Heavy cardboard tubes

chuckr30July 28, 2005

I have access to 54" heavy cardboard tubes, used for holding rolls of paper for a commercial printer. These are very sturdy and diameter is about 4-5". Some of the uses I have for them:

- Cut to length and use to store various length dowels in garage.

- Cut to 10", glue on stand, use to hold long kitchen implements like wooden spoons or tongs.

- Cut in to 10" in length, cut in half lengthwise so you have a half-circle. Nail to wall in garage to hold skinny items like pencils, loose screws, nails, etc.

- Cut to 5" high, tape cardboard to bottom and you have a pencil holder for a desk.

- Sneak up behind Lu, hold tube to mouth and shout "Hey there!" and watch her jump. Great fun!

Any other ideas?

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Using hypertufa and making stands for BB's or birdbaths??

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" Sneak up behind Lu, hold tube to mouth and shout "Hey there!" and watch her jump. Great fun! "

One day she'll get even............ you know she will.....
she has time and paitience........women have longer memories than an elephant.........you'll wish you had never done that. LOL

Cut into (Lincoln Log) shapes and build a faux log cabin playhouse.

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add wooden base, ballast, decorate, stick curly willow branches in it, inflict on relatives.

cut into 8" lengths, cap one end, insert handful dried beans or bb shot, cap other end, decorate, give to cats to play 'log roll' on the carpet with.

bury bottom foot or so in garden, fill with dirt, add cascading plant (licorice plant, sweet potato vine, cucumbers) water in, add more dirt, top with mulch, replace every third year or so.

cut 2' length, cover with astrofungus (you know, cheap industrial carpetting?) and use as a balance toy/foot massager/yoga tool.

cut lengths to use as table/footstool legs.

cut equal lengths. bind in groups of 7, top with cushion, call it a hassock.

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You could paint them with primer, then put plaster (or wall filler...rats, I can't remember what it's called!...used with sheetrock), anyway, you could cover it with that stuff, add a base and a top and cover those with the plaster stuff and you could have some nice decorative columns for plant stands. Fill them with sand after attaching to the bases but before you put the top on.

I'd LOVE to have some nice tubes that size. You're so lucky

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Hi Pesky1,
The stuff used on drywall is called "mud" here in Michigan. But drywall mud is not rated for outdoor use, it would just disintegrate in the rain. You could use stucco, mortar, cement or something else rated for the outdoors. What a good idea.

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Hey where are ya at in Michigan? I'm in mid- Michigan.

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As a retired teacher, one of the first things that I thought of was that they would make good containers for holding rolled maps, posters, etc.

Could use them for prints, etc. at home, too, I guess.

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They might make nice front porch columns for a playhouse?

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You might be able to get those from your local newspaper office. We buy end rolls of newsprint to do odd things with (wrapping glass of other stuff) and they have a thick core. The cost is usually $1. carpet places will usually give you the rugs cores, but they are not as sturdy.
Lots of good ideas here today........

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Lay them on the floor for ferret housing?

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I don't remember all the directions, but we used these one year and made the "nut craker" looking soliders. Painted the bodies on the rolls. Added a base so they would stand up. This was for a Christmas deco.

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Cut into (Lincoln Log) shapes and build a faux log cabin playhouse.

I think that should have read DOG house for sneaking up on Lu . . . .

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I have an English gardening book, using toilet paper rolls for planting small plants or seeds. I have cut them in half and put them in plastic mushroom containers for my violet leaves & aloe cuttings.
You could properly treat your rolls and use as flower pots, painted & decorated, new ones every year to suit your ever changing ideas, colors schemes. Use as gifts for every occasion. Make the pots for a fund raising project. Make pots for centerpieces, place tags w/ candy, flowers or.... for dinner parties, card parties, garden gatherings, church gatherings, door prizes,et all.
Treated w/ cement could make colums for bird baths, plant stands, table legs, an arbor the heigh of your rolls.......

VangY plays in the dirt, shops curbs/garages,GW,SA has, & been given more than she has time to deal w/ right now, sound familiar??? LOL :)

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I know a teacher who uses those tubes to have the kids make totem poles.

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I saw some of those once ..wrapped with green or red paper and a large nightlight shaped yellow bulb resting on the top...they were the neatest looking large candles to use around Christmas.

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Use for window toppers. Cut material twice as long as tube, wide enough to fit over once sewn down length. Put over free tube ,scrunch  gather material for the gathered look then attach to top of window. Cover ends with wood finials, or cut lg. Circle sew edge by hand and pull thread to gather edges before tight and tie stuff with P-fill. This makes a stuffed, light weight ball stick in end or glue to end. Cheaper than store boughtÂ

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yay michigan! *ahem*....do you have cats? you could wrap it in carpeting and make a scratching post! this post just made me realize that i have both these things and could make me one a those myself!....if only i could make the cats use it...hmmm......

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My DH used some tubes from a roll of carpet to make the legs for my computer desk. He cut wood plugs to fit the bottoms, and glued the other ends to some 1x6s for the top to rest on. The shelf for the CPU is supported by 1x2s fitted through holes in the tubes. It looks massive, but is very light and sturdy.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi , I use them for all the plastic bags we get from the grocery store, roll in cigar shape, add hole at top, string, and you have a quick release bag dispenser for all those odd jobs, like garbage, recycle cans, bottles, and cardboard, etc. quick and accesible hung from a nail near the doors. crafttylady_MA

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A friend and I used them to make a coconut tree for a play...tear pieces of brown paper bags and glue on them....then just brush on brown shoe polish here and there...buy palms from florist...add foam to top of tube and then stick in palms....made a big hit for the church play.

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If you have grandchildren, you could make an entire log cabin playhouse from them! use tubes cut in half lengthwise for the roof.

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Dear whom it concerns:

Is there any reason to worry about adhesives used in making these newsprint tubes? I was planning to use some in a gardening capacity but another person told me the adhesives were dangerous and a third says if that's true, the adhesives might leach into the soil. I'm hoping that dangerous adhesives in the cores went out with lead in ink for newspapers. I have the tubes cut in pieces and in place and was ready to fill in with soil. Please let me know soon, I've not been able to find out anything about this. Please send me a direct e-mail with any information on their manufacture and safety that you may have.


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