My Recycled Mailboxes

lpaltaJuly 22, 2010

The large one holds napkins and the smaller one our gloves. I have an old jelly cupboard and a couple of dressers I would like to funky paint. Anyone have links to tutorials for painting funky furniture?

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Love your whimsy, and your style of gardening!!

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Very cute!! I guess type in "funky furniture " & see what comes up!! I shared a booth at boutique on Ventura Blvd with friend for couple of months over Christmas 1 year. Someone came in & had high chairs, kitchen chairs , ladders, tables etc she just gave quick spray of 10 colors of paint so they were really wild & bright. She sold a lot too. Some stuff had lots of "drips" on it & she used paint brush for those. Just looked to me like she stood on the chair to paint & was sloppy painter, I didn't care for those but they did sell, back then.

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Cute!! Did you do this with a Sharpie or de coupage?

I'm forever resting items at the bottom of our stairs for my teen son to take up....his book, his hat, etc-- I've thought of putting an oversized mailbox at the bottom stair so I could stick the items in there....and raise the flag to signal that he has a package....if I make it a game, do you think he'd take them up and not just step over the item I so rudely left in his path?

You could probably find a book at the library- or general info. with a net search on furniture painting. I've considered getting, but have not, the e-book on this topic from -- they sell "altered funky furniture". I've long been a fan of David Marsh...a Texas painted furniture designer.

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Thanks everyone and next stop is to google and David Marsh. Oh golly, I have yet one more mailbox and you know I will be putting it at the bottom of the stairs. Thanks for such a clever idea!!!

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Oh, I did this with a sharpie--then I sprayed it with clear gloss. Actually I painted the first one with a layer of clear gloss and it smeared a tad. So, next one I sprayed the first coat and did the second coat with a brush.

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Very clever! I especially like the first one.

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too cute. Love your art work.

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Cute! Cute! Love your idea.

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Those are sooo cute! Would you mind if I borrowed the 1st pic to put on a greeting card for my mom? TIA.

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