Thoughts on this armoire?

jakabedyAugust 6, 2014

First, thoughts on provenance? It's got some age to it, and we're in the Southwest. It's finer than the typical folk-Mexican and folk-New-Mexican that I usually see. It could do the trick in the guest room where I need someplace for guests to hang clothes (my clothes are in the guest closet) and for me to stow some musical stuff in the bottom. I think it would fit in with the vaguely Spanish-Colonial-meets-Arts-and-Crafts thing I'm working on in there. The combination of the rope-mold trim, the dentil molding, and the small inset panels is just super contradictory and interesting to me. Maybe territorial period?

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Is it in line with the style of your home? If, so, then I say go for it!

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I love, love it and it sounds perfect for your spanish colonial/craftsman style. Get it!

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Seems like it'd be a good fit. Only thing I'd say is, only get it if you know you're going to be in that house for a long, long time. Armoires are hard to move, and very often there is no place for them in a new place. I've found them to be somewhat difficult pieces of furniture overall.

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What is your hesitation? I would love to come across a piece like this for linens in our spare room. Attractive storage is always welcome. As I looked at it before reading your note I wondered if high gloss black would give it an Asian look--which is the look my DD is embracing right now.

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Thanks, all. I think the hesitation is that the armoire for the guest room is somewhere down the list of things we need -- maybe I feel I'm jumping the gun a bit to go ahead and get it when there are other bigger fish to fry (dining room table and chairs, mainly). Like I'm punishing myself for giving in to a distraction!

I wouldn't paint it -- it would stay Spanish and show its age. There's plenty of Asian-ish stuff around, and I know it's a popular look right now, but it's just not for me. I'm trying to make my own mini LaFonda in the guest room and I think this will do it.

We plan to be in this house for a long time. The only way I see us moving is if we win the lottery or something and are able to "move on up to the East Side". The armoire would have a long-term home in the guest room.

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Where did you find it? My trailer and I will be right there! (seriously - I'm looking for armoires because I ripped out my only closet.

Without a close look at the wood and hardware and construction ... It's Mexican from far enough south that they have access to one of the dark hardwoods instead of the usual New Mexico/ Northern Mexico pine. Age is hard to determine with hands-on but it could be anything from 1800s through last week.

High gloss black would make it look like a Mexican armoire painted high gloss black ... and Asian furniture is well-known for lovely wood finishes.

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I see a dusting nightmare.

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I like it a lot for your house. I don't know that much about furniture periods and styles to give you a better identification, but it's a great looking piece.

As for armoires being a pain to move, they are, but I have one that's been with me for 35 years and countless cross-country moves, apartments and houses. I've used it as a television armoire, to hold clothes in a bedroom, to hold linens in a hallway, to hold china and crystal in a dining room and now as a place for games and DVDs in the den. I've gotten more use out of that one piece than any other piece of furniture I've purchased.

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Fori is not pleased

Some armoires (especially the older ones) come apart for transport. I have one that does. I also have a newer one that doesn't. It won't go around corners... :/

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I certainly understand your reluctance to get sidetracked. I have a major rodent problem but what am I doing today? Painting some fabric to use for recovering my dining chairs. No problems setting priorities here, oh no.

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Sidetrack, schmidetrack -- I bought it! I'd take a picture, but it's in pieces, lying around the house. My poor DH had to take it apart to get it into the guest room (wouldn't make the turn at the end of the hall). It's meant to be taken apart, but has been shored up and re-screwed in various and sundry ways over the years. He's taking the time to glue and clamp some loose spots and put it back together in a nice way. But my little baby LaFonda bedroom is coming along!

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Good for you! A problem twist with pursuing priorities can become a tale of the one that got away, when you get around to looking for a piece you passed & can't find one half as nice for twice the price.

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How exciting! I cannot wait to see. So happy you bought the armoire. It is beautiful!

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Holly- Kay

I'm glad you bought it. I think an armoire is an extremely versatile piece of furniture and that one is lovely and just what you were looking for.

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It's a very interesting piece, I'm glad you bought it. Good luck getting it back together!

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I had 4 armoires, but gave one to a child recently. They range from a trip across the pond (great grandmother) to one I bought in the past 15 years at Haverty's which is pine and is really not that heavy but they are all so useful, and some are able to be broken down to be moved and others not. Buy moving men pads and a handheld fulcrum and it is a breeze to move.

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So glad you bought it! A great armoire is hard to find!!! Please post pictures when you get your room done.

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As far as sidetracking goes. I found when needing things one makes a list. It might not be in priority order but if it is on the list then when I come across it I snag it. Life doesn't always present things in the order we would choose!! I only hesitate when I see an item I LOVE, but it is not on the list. This will be wonderful for you, CONGRATULATIONS!!

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It looks very interesting and unique. Not sure if it is practical. Only you know what you need and what use(s) you can put it May said, it definitely will be hard to dust. But it's very different and you should get it if you think you will use it.

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