My first New Orleans trip, could use help.

MamaBear_1March 27, 2002

We would love to try the restaurants more known for the good food rather than being famous an fancy(such as Brennans, and Emeril's)and would love ideas of where to go and what to do. And also where NOT to go:) I would sure appreciate any help. If you would like, my email is

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There's lots of vacation questions and answers and New Orleans is often discussed.
It has search capability -- look for the TEXT SEARCH block at the top of the page.

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Everything owned by the Brenan family is a great restaurant (Mr.B's, Palace Cafe, Commander's Palace, Brennan's, etc), they are famous because they are famous because they are so exceptional. NOLA's (Emeril rest)is good, I've never been to the other two).

I know this is going to sound snotty...but if you are from anywhere else in the WORLD....pretty much New Orleans food...even in the bad better than most good restraunts in other places. I've been to nice restraunts in Las Vegas, NY, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, etc....and none were as good as any place in NO where you can go in drop down a few bucks get a bowl of seafood gumbo and a barq's rootbeer.

Something I really liked to do when I was younger....You go to the aquarium of the Americas (very nice), then when you are done, you take a river boat cruise to Audubon Zoo, Do the Zoo, then you hop the Street Car (Down St. Charles, beautiful homes to stare at) back to french Quarter to get your car.

At the very least make sure you ride the street car down st. Charles. Lots of visitors get wrapped up in the french quarter, there is so much more than that to NO.


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Don't forget the cemetery tours! And make sure to see the Garden District.

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I have to agree with geogirl the WORST food in New Orleans is way better than the best in most other places - and I live in NYC.

Our dinner at Emerils was by far the VERY BEST MEAL WE EVER HAS!! Althought it came to about $400 for 2 people (it was my 40th birthday - we had Champagne). Dont forget to try non-restaurant food too - Lucky Dogs, Muffelattas, Poor Boys, Cafe du Monde - Beigne(sp???).

I also agree about the Brennan's Commanders, Mr. B's are famous because the food is so good.

Don't dismiss the touristy french quarter - it's alot of fun! I once went to NO with a friend who was born there but lived in NYC for last 20 yrs. He commented that he forgot how much fun the french quarter was because as a resident he always avoided it.

As far as DONTs - use common sense. There is crime there - stay in well lit, well - populated places.
I'm jealous! I've been to NO at least 15 times and I would go back in a heartbeat. It's such a great place to visit.

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Yes! Please come and visit my city! I was born and raised here, and absolutely could not possibly live anywhere else!

WOW - $400 for a meal for two at Emerils? I've eaten there several times and never more than $45 per person, including wine.

Some of the best (average priced) restaurants ARE in the French Quarter. Whenever I'm in the Quarter, I ALWAYS get a bowl of gumbo at "The Gumbo Shop", just to the left and down 1/2 block from St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.

And, as someone mentioned, don't overlook the Cafe duMonde; you gotta have the cafe au lait and beignets! The "Lucky Dogs" are great, and are sold by cart vendors - all over the Quarter. (Don't worry about eating something sold ON the street, as Lucky Dogs is a very old tradition, and is constantly supervised by the Dept. of Health - never a problem.)

Chart House for steaks
The Gumbo House for gumbo (and lots of other great food)
Bella Luna for elegant dining
Irene's for good cajun variety
Central Grocery for 'the original' Muffaletto
Port O'Call for the best cheeseburgers in the world
Pontalba Cafe for the best po-boys
Acme Oyster House for the best oysters, half shell or fried
Galatoires for elegant dining
Mike Anderson's for fun, casual lunch or dinner

I wish everyone could experience New Orleans! There is so very much to see and do. The Quarter is only a small part. Take the Aquarium/Zoo/Streetcar tour - it's great. We often take visitors on that. Take a ride on the ferry across the river to Gretna and back. Fun. Take a tour of the Superdome - you won't forget it! Go thru the museums by Jackson Square, and the St. Louis Cathedral is a beautiful sight. See Tulane campus. Go to the Lakefront, and to the Garden District.

You will love our city.....truly the City That Care Forgot - The Big Easy! Y'all come on down, y'heah?

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My first New Orleans trip is coming up in November. We are flying from Newfoundland (Canada) to NO and taking a cruise from there. We will be spending two separate nights in NO. I am VERY excited. I hear it is a wonderful city. Our problem is finding a nice place to stay that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We are dealing with the Canadian/US exchange rate which doesn't help but we've yet to find anything less than $150 US.

We are open to historical, cultural, inn's and B&B's if anyone has some suggestions. Basically we want something CLEAN and close to the Ports and riverwalk.

I would GREATLY appreciate feedback from anyone who knows that part of town.

Thanks Very Much

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You didn't say when you were leaving, so I hope you don't miss this post. NO is a wonderful city - I've been there many many times, and plan to go back. You can take City Tours, plantation home tours,see the zoo, riverboat cruise and dinner tour. Tujaque's restaurant on Decatur and Alex Patout's on St. Louis St. are my two favorites among many. It's really really difficult to have a bad meal in NO. Stroll down Decatur. Walk along the Riverwalk, take the red trolley that runs up and down the Mississippi. Shop in the French Market. Antiques on Royal St., even if you're window shopping. Beautiful pieces of furniture from old southern homes. Walk in groups at night, but don't walk beyond the busy areas of the French Quarter.

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