Customs restrictions - can you bring Cheese back from France?e

bostonpat_gwMarch 7, 2003

I'd like to bring some cheese back from Paris - I've tried searching for Customs restrictions and was wondering if anyone here can help? - I'm not talking large wheels - just a couple of wedges.....



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yes, I can!!!!!

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Pat, how long are you staying? Just curious because we are going to Germany in early summer. I am a little apprehensive
but the tickets are purchased and we will go unless the Government says not to.~K
PS. I read in another forum that you are leaving next week.

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My flight leaves this Thursday - I return Tuesday - I don't anticipate any problems and like yourself - I'm going as long as the State Department doesn't caution against it. I think airport/airline security will be tighter than ever. I think you will be fine in Germany - enjoy your trip!
I'll post when I get back - if I can find a cybercafe with reasonable rates I may try and post while I am there.

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I've tried bringing cheese back to my parents when I've been home on vacation and I don't recommend it. It'll go bad before you get back to the states. Remember that the flight will be about 8 hours plus all the waiting around in the airport.You will probably have to show up 3 hours before your flight for security reasons. However a good saucisson travels wonderfully and doesn't need to be refridgerated. In fact the drier and harder it gets the better it is!!! Have fun on your trip and if I don't go back home this summer let me know and we can hook up in Paris!!! :o)

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If it has a wax around it, like Edam, then maybe you can. My MIL does every time she comes from Holland. But softer cheeses may not hold up well. Possibly too many temperature changes, etc. You may want to post this on the cooking forum, too.

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