Driving into Mexico?

gma_jMarch 14, 2003

We live in North Idaho and are leaving this Sunday on a road trip for a couple of weeks to get a little warm weather. We were wondering about driving into Mexico a ways. Is it safe? How about staying in motels? and the food? We would go in thru San Diego or Arizona, depending on which way we head south. Any info you could give me today or tomorrow would be very much appreciated. Also the auto insurance we hear you need to buy?? Thanks

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I can only give you some information on the insurance. Check your personal auto policy to see if you are covered up to 75 miles over the border, most will go that far. If your planning on going further you must obtain Mexican insurance, be careful when shopping for this. Make sure your coverages are equal to what you carry here in the states. Try to get your insurance before you get to the border, I sell this stuff here in IL and I know how easy it could be to be overcharged. I refuse to take advantage of people who don't understand this line. You are purchasing insurance based on the value of your vehicle. It's generally not that bad. If your with one of the top companies here in the states, make that your first phone call. They may carry it, they don't underwrite it though.

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I have a friend that is from Mexico and she advises against it. She said if you can't pass for a Mexican, you had better no go. Have you heard on the news where some Mexico people took at home away from someone who lived there because they were Americans. It was so bad the Mexican government was going to buy it from them, but if I read it right, they were run out before a deal could be made.

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Well, guess I'm too late on this one. I go to Mexico several times a year. In fact the last time I went on a motorcycle! I love to go over there to shop. Many of my friends go over the border to eat because there are some really great restaurants. Many of them spend the night too. there are some very nice motel/hotels there.
I've never encountered anything but friendliness and respect when I cross the border. But that is exactly what I give the people that I meet over there. You have to be careful just like you would in certain places in the states. There are some parts of town that you shouldn't be at night. Use common sense.

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I have been to border towns and haven't had a problem. I thought she was driving deeper into Mexico.

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I drove all over Mexico many years ago. It is risky. In the interior you are at their mercy. I couldn't speak Spanish fluently, they know you are American and figure you have valuables and/or money; once we nearly ran out of gas out in the countryside, and had to pull up to a forsaken place with about 10 strangers sitting out front the gas station/shack. It was dusk and I was really scared. A lot of the roads did not have signs or markers! In the mountains (central) lots of places have no lights or guardrails and signs everywhere tell you not to drive there at night.

I loved the excitement and danger of it, but I was with a huge guy friend who was like a "body guard." LOL. Whatever you do - do not take any valuables or expensive clothing. No fancy car!!!

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