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suziequeMarch 9, 2010

Hello -

I am just getting started in planning a trip to Italy, hopefully this summer (2010). I will be going alone. I'm interested in a cooking class or 2, food and wine, some history, pretty and quaint villages, and the like. I've seen enough churches and cathedrals during my travels to last a lifetime, so not so interested in that. I'm not comfortable with renting/driving a car over there, so will depend upon taxis, perhaps a tour driver, etc.

I've been to Tuscany before with a large group; it was the best vacation of my life. I wouldn't at all mind going back to that region but certainly am not limiting myself to it.

Since my trip will only be one week, I guess it'd make more sense to stay in one spot where there are things nearby that can be walked to or easy cab ride, and then maybe take some day trips from there.

Please offer any suggestions and tips about solo travel, places in Italy that you've visited and loved and why (I understand that this is all subjective, but it would be helpful to hear your views), things to avoid, how to not spend copius amounts of money, stay safe, etc.


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Hi, Suzi

Maybe you want to cross post to the Kitchen table. This forum seems too quiet.

We have been to Rome and to Venice. Both were wonderful. Hotels are expensive in Venice, but you can walk everywhere once you are there. I don't know about cooking schools, sorry.

I've heard that Amalfi is wonderful. Try looking for a Rick Steves book at the library. I hate his show, but his books are very useful.

As for staying safe, carry your money in a money belt under your clothes. Avoid taking a purse. The hotel usually holds your passport. The rest is more generic - avoid alleys etc that don't have streetlights, and walk with a sense of purpose.

Have fun!

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Thanks, colorcrazy. Yes, because this forum is so quiet I stopped checking back for awhile. I appreciate your response.

I'll take a look for Rick Steves' book. I, too, have heard that Amalfi is gorgeous.


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