Posting Pics - Easy Instructions

craftylady-2006July 7, 2007

Easy Instructions on how to post pics in your msgs.

I use "" - it's free. Maybe the instructions for Photobucket will be similar or the same for Snapfish and/or other photo programs.

Open "" and set up an account. On the top of the page just to the right you will see a box for "uploading pics" - hit the "browse" button and it should open up your Documents Program. Set the file to where your pics are and find the picture you want, click on it and then hit the "open" button, this will put that particular pictures code into the white rectangular box in photobucket. Just to the bottom of that you will see "add more images." If you click on that, it will open up more white retangular boxes and the browse button next to each white box. Add more pics as described above. When you are done adding pics, click the "Upload" button and photobucket will put the pictures into your account. When you are typing a msg in the forums, leaving the forum page "open" or minimize it, and then open your photobucket site. Underneath each picture you will see four boxes, Share URL, URL Link, HTML Tag and IMG Code. To put the picture right into your msg in the forum, click on the HTML Tag, it will say "Copied" - then go back to the forum page and put your cursor where you want the picture to appear. Then go to the top menu bar, click on "Edit" and hit "Paste" - the HTML code will appear in your msg. If you want to add another pic or more to your post, "enter" down a few spaces and then do the same. When you "preview" your msg, you will see the pics in your msg. Next is to hit the Submit Msg button and it will be posted on the forum page.

See below where you type your msg, see the "Optional Link URL:" and then "Name of the Link" - it may be that what you are doing is ok and putting the URL code in the top box, but you are forgetting to "Name" the Link and it is being rejected.

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To me, an even simpler way is to use There you browse for your picture from wherever you have them stored, such as My Pictures, pick the one you want, and upload. Then copy the top line and paste it in your message here. Tinypic does not store your pictures, as it is only a one-time action for it to do.

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Testing out tinypic:


Here is a link that might be useful: Craigslist find

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craftylady-2006 thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank yooouuu! This helped me soooo much. i had posted a message on the sewing forum, about a great idea I do when selecting fabric for an outfit to make. However, I didn't know how to put photos in, and all I had were unhilighted links. Since I'm sure my message was confusing already, not having the pictures didn't help. However, I did what you mentioned and whoopee! It worked!! I can't believe this! So, I didn't know how to insert them into the original message, so I copied the whole thing over again and put the photos in it (sorry everyone!). Thank you so much!!

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You're welcome, welcome, welcome Dailycollector, LOL. I had to have help in the beginning also so don't feel alone. You can also post your whole photobucket album site into a post also. Open up your photobucket, go to the web browser line, highlight it and then go to Edit and then Copy. Go back to your msg, put your cursor where you want it to appear, go again to Edit and then to Paste. Folks will have to "copy and paste" your site page into their own web browser line - or - see below when you type a msg "Optional Link URL" and "Name of the Link" - go into your photobucket and instead of copying the HTML Code, click on the URL code and it will say Copied, go back to your msg, put your cursor in the Optional Link URL code box, go to Edit, then Paste. The code appears in that box. Remember when you are doing it this way though that you must complete the "Name of the Link" or when you hit the Preview Message button and it goes to the next page, you are going to see "Rejected" - just go back and Name the Link and then hit Preview Message again. When it goes to the second page you will see where it says "Here is a Link that Might be Useful," your URL Link will appear there when you submit the msg. Folks then only have to click on that Link in your msg and it takes them right to that particular pic in your photobucket album. Tricky huh! Not at all. Once you get the hang of it, you become the pro right away, it's simple.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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And, Dailycollector - have you thought that you can "copy" any msg in the forum and then save it in your Word program (like Microsoft Word) for future reference and you won't have to go searching for certain msgs. Again, it's simple - open up the msg you want to copy, such as the pic instructions I posted above, highlight my whole msg, minimize down your online page, open up a blank page in your Word program, put your cursor on the blank page where you want the msg to appear, go to Edit, then Paste. You can then "Name" and "Save" this as a Word document for easy looking later on. Let's say you want to copy the the second part I just posted about the URL Link - minimize up your online page, find that msg, again highlight all of it, Edit, go back to your Word document, put your cursor where you want it to appear, Edit and Paste, Save your Word document.

Pics also, you can save a copy of a particular pic you like from someone's msg and then copy it into your Documents where you have your pics. Put your cursor on the pic, right click and then you can either "Copy" it into a Word document page and Save it (as I posted above), or hit "Save As" which will open up your Documents, find the File you want to Save it into, Name it, then hit Save.

Viola - now you're a pro. ENJOY!!!


(I should also mention - be careful in what you copy though, make sure things are "copyrighted" - you don't want to get into trouble. You can copy any of my msgs, they aren't copyrighted, HA!

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I have to admit, I am not computer illiterate! I know how to turn it on, copy & paste, and how to open in a new window. That's about it. When I was working, I swear I would call my husband every day because I was having a problem on the computer. He started saying he was going to start charging me for the calls! I'm just so afraid I'll make a mistake and lose everything on the computer! And don't even get me started on those music things kids carry around (see, don't even know it's name :) I must be getting old! lol So, I bow to you, oh great one!

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craftylady, I'm sorry. I just read what I wrote and you must think I'm a snob! I meant to say I am not computer literate!! Sorry.!

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No problem Dailycollector, neither am I. I just know the basics of some things. Just trying to be helpful.

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