A newbie's projects_mosaics and glass birdbath

lavendrfemApril 13, 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm new here to this forum (I'm usually lurking on the cottage gardening forum) Well, after reading posts about glass totems and mosaics, and with the encouragement of one of your members, I decided to post a couple of pictures. The coffee table below is an IKEA table that my daughter didn't want anymore. i made the skirt around it and used broken dishes, tiles and beach glass for the top. (Not a good idea for a surface for placing glasses!) lol..... so now I have to use a tray...oh well...live and learn.

Here's the glass totem I did - I was so inspired by the beautiful things I saw on this forum, I ran right out to goodwill on Saturday and for $4.50 this is the finished product. It fell apart 4 times, but I think I have it together now! hehe

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Oh, I love your table, and especially the sun! The colors are charming. Have you considered putting a piece of glass over the whole thing so you have a flat surface for yur glasses?

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I never thought of that - but that's an idea! thanks!

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I feel your excitement. You did a fabulous job on that table. Wish I had a larger picture. Great totem too. What kind of adhesive did you use on it for it to have fallen apart? IF it happens again, may I suggest GE II - silicon for windows and doors. My totem has been standing for over four yrs. outside, and that's what I used. I got the idea off Garden Junk. Notice from your spices that you also love to cook. Welcome to our mosaicing world, LAVENDR.

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Hi Slow,
Well I did have GE Silicone II but it dried up (I guess it was in the basement a little too long!)...so I used a siliconized acrylic that's used on windows and doors...I hope it stays! It's taken a long time to dry, but the white has finally turned clear. i'll let you know how it turns out. I do n eed to get some more II though - I think I see more glass totems in my future. :)

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Lavender yur table is beautiful..Was it yur 1st mosaic? If so u did a great job!!! And I love your totem...I too have been scouring and am waiting for good weather to do mine and set them out....I;m kind of a newbie here too...You'll love it though everyone is so nice and helpful...WELCOME!!! Keep up the good work..Your gonna be hooked now and won't be able to stop!! Look forward to seeing your next projects..Cathy

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It was my first big project...I did a small picture frame for a friend first. I just love mosaics and stained glass and this is such a great group. My next project is going to be a birdbath.

Last night I put my glass totem in the flower bed - it looks nice. :) I can't wait until the flowers start blooming.

have a great weekend everyone -

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Love your creations!!! I am gettin' ready, to get ready, to learn to mosaic, with the help of everyone here. They are pushing er....encouraging me to "get er done".

I have a bunch of experience using GE Silicone II. I've used it for everything except brushing my teeth.lol If the glue is old (expiration date on container) it will not dry properly and will stay milky. Glad your old tube of silicone was not used. : ) Susie

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