Fan shelf

chuckr30July 29, 2005

I had a problem. I have a fan which, when clipped to my bed, would not bend enough to blow on me. So I needed a horizontal shelf to clamp it to. This shelf has 2 vertical pieces to straddle the foot of the bed.




A shelf like this could be made larger and could really hold anything that's not too heavy. And it's easily removable.

(Like that mauve blanket? No, not pink, I said mauve.)

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Looks pink to me....LOL Anyway, great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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You're quite the clever guy! Thanks for sharing all your projects!

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I think that is so neat!!!

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How ingenious! Had it been me, I would have sold the house and bought another one with pre-installed ceiling fans :o) Just kidding!!!

That is really quite inventive of you. I need to do something like that myself...eventhough I've got the aircon on and the ceiling fans going...I still need to feel that air blowing in my face. (Hmmm...wonder if I was a dog in a previous life?)

~ Cat

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