What would you do in London for 1 day?

phish_gwMarch 22, 2002

Hi all

I will have a 12 hour layover in London this spring. It is enough time to do something low key, but I don't know what. I have been to London before, and I don't have any interest in seeing any of the big official sights (like the Tower of London). I just want a fun area to shop, go into bookstores, eat hopefully a decent meal, absorb the atmosphere, maybe see a cute neighborhood, ect.

I've heard London is known for their shopping and their cute neighborhoods but when I was there I was so busy seeing the official sights that I didn't try either of those things.

Does anyone have any good advice on this? Also, does anyone know where to get a good meal there?

Also, I'm assuming that if I need them, heathrow airport will have lockers where I can store my stuff while I spend my day in London. Does anyone know if I'm right in assuming this?

Any advice you have would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I got back from London and Paris this week. I wouldn't assume that you could leave your luggage at the airport lockers any more. 9/11 has permanently changed a LOT of things that we used to take for granted that we could do. Taped messages are being announced every few minutes that any unattended luggage or items would be confiscated and immediately destroyed.

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12 hours! so little time and so much to do!. I live in the UK and will try to suggest some places . So you want to shop eh! ( most people do)
but the key question is what for ? clothes , english only things , gifts , niknacks (odd silly items) . I ask as London can be a bit of a dog to get around . Eat? now thats a question , up market ? real english? good value? , continental ? american? the list goes on. See a local neighbourhood ? as in quaint? suburban? cultural? . So you see its not that easy to help . If you could be slightly more specific I shall endeavour to be of assistance . I could type pages suggesting places but I am not good at typing ( this has taken nearly 15 mins) so anything to narrow it down would be helpfull .Also do you have transport or will you be busing , taxiing , tubing (underground railway) or using the old shanks's pony (walking).

in anticipation


ps have you been to covent garden ( nice to goto ,arty shops, watch buskers , mellow out) or camden market ( cute? real london market ) harrods ( famous shopping in knightsbridge rd or oxford st , regent street (large super shops of national chains and independent franchises) .

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I'm resurrecting this thread, since I will have a one-night stay in London in 2003. We arrive at 1500 (3pm) and depart at 1035 the next morning.

I think it's most efficient to book at a Heathrow airport hotel, which would pick us (and baggage) from after arrival. We check in, leave the bags, then hop the Heathrow Express into London. (But we will have only one bag, I think, and this wouldn't be a big hardship to carry if staying in town was smarter.)

So, let's assume that we make it into London in time for dinner and...what else? We could consider a play, but who knows what will be playing on 5 July 2003?

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If you haven't seen nighttime London from the British Airways Eye, that big Ferris Wheel, you could do that. London Walks also does nightly walking tours to 3 pubs in different neighborhoods.
One thing that happened to me; I went directly from the plane to the main terminal in Heathrow, and found I couldn't get out to take the tube into London, but had to spend my layover in the terminal.

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We had a day in London. We toured the Tower of London and saw the crown jewels. We also saw the changing of the guard at Buckington Palace, rode the huge Ferris Wheel(the eye) and went to an art gallery.

I suggest you go to a bookstore and look at tour books on London. There is so much to do, it just depends on what you like! Dress warm.

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The Eye sounded like a good idea when I spotted it on a web page. I'll have to wait for the seasonal schedule change to see if it'll be available when we're there. I presume so, since it doesn't operate at night now---and you suggested it for a night attraction.

My travel agent suggested the Paddington Hilton, really easy from the Heathrow Express---right above Paddington. Could be a plan.

For July 2003, I expect it won't be that cold, but we live on the Pacific where we're used to dressing in layers!

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Oh, I thought you were going soon! No, I don't think July would be cold. Might need a jacket at night.

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