Old Bakelite tableware ideas?

vintagemamaJuly 22, 2006

I have a set of old Bakelite red-handled silverware that belonged to my grandmother. Of course the handles cannot be bent, but I would love to find a decorative use for it. The "business end" (fork tines, etc.) of each piece is stainless. Ideas, anyone?

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Are you wanting to display them or turn them into something else? My first thought was that I, personally, wouldn't want to alter them. That stuff is getting harder to find all the time, etc. How about tying (raffia? ribbon?) something around it and standing it up in a clear container on your counter? That is, of course, if it goes with the look that you have. You could send it to me if it doesn't! LOL

Somebody may have a great idea for adapting it into something else. Who's next?

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went looking for a pic of this stuff on google
and found it and the yellow stuff sure wished I would have known about it when I needed it.
my original idea was to use old siverware for handles on all my kitchen cabs that were just plywood but I painted them to look like enamel ware (blue) well I never totally used the silverware because my hard head would not let me because I wanted the handle without having to drill through the spoon so you did not see the bolt .
glue did not work , but I have managed to get the job done by other means and now having the screw exposed does,nt seem that bad to me .

I used 2 large yellow enamel ware spoons with holes for my sink cabinets and still have deck screws in them .
but handles?
displayed with a pic of grandma.
use thin wire to attach them to a picture frame .
eat with it on holidays etc. was gma a good cook ? make her recipe and eat with it.
a little slow sorry. I like the vase idea. Rick

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