Bed shelf

chuckr30July 29, 2005

I have allergies and go through a lot of kleenex. I also like to read in bed. I also sleep on a top bunk, the bottom bunk has a terrible mattress. So I needed a shelf. It's a simple thing, a vertical piece of wood for mounting, and the horizontal part. Plus 2 triangle pieces for support.

Originally I wanted the triangle supports pieces below the shelf. But I turned it upside down and liked it better this way. Add a little paint and I'm done. I used drywall screws and wood glue to put it together.

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Chuck you are just doing too good a job with these shelves....I need one for my bathroom!!!! There is nothing quite as useful as a little shelf RIGHT WHERE YOU NEED IT!!! Thanks for making them look so I have to get busy!! (but I'll soon find out they are NOT so simple :^)

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Chuck, you could change the mattresses you know. I see by your other posts that you are one busy guy.

Now that is a great shelf. But something is missing. Where is the trash receptacle for the used kleenex. I have used a second empty kleenex box and toss when full...that way I have a complete cycle going. ha ha. but then if I forget to buy it...I use a roll of that other paper and stuff the used in the roll. tee hee. Great Grandmas do the strangest things you know.

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I thought about swapping mattresses, but the bottom bunk is a double, top is a single. Neat, huh?

Wastebasket is on floor. Usually I don't miss. :)

Jaybird, it's not really that hard. The shelf is just 2 pieces of rectangular wood, same size. Plus 2 pieces of triangle wood. You know how you get 2 triangles? Cut a square in half diagonally. Viola! (For fun I say "vi-oh-la"!)

This gray shelf took me about 30 minutes to make, another 30 to spray paint (about 3 coats of 10 minutes each). I found gray paint on clearance for $.20 per can.

I got the wood free. It was wood siding on a 50 year old garage.

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