ideas needed for tri-fold picture frame

tralynnJuly 5, 2008

I found this tri fold picture frame. It is about 5 feet tall, and about 3 feet wide. Each section holds 4 (8x10) pictures. Not sure if I want to keep it for displaying pictures or not. Does anyone else have any ideas what I can use this for? By the way it is wood, with I believe a maple finish on it. Thanks

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My sis has one of those and she does use it for the pics. You could use it for a privacy sceen outdoors, be sure to seal with something to proect it, like Marine Varnish. Instead of using the pics, you could do pretty fabric, florals, stripes, prints, toile. To protect the fabric outdoors, you could slide it into plastic sheet protectors which are exactly 8 X 11. Cut them down to size and either hot glue the ends shut or use clear tape.


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Sounds familiar, I worked for Garden Ridge for a couple of years and we sold these.
I always wanted to do something different with them.
My thought was to take the backing off the framed area, do a glass on glass mosaic on the glass and glue it back in and use as a divider.

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Hmm...just because I tend to 'be different'..I'd probably remove the photo glass if there is any for each hole and using little cuphooks-hang several strands of chandelier crystals or glass balls, or even 'disect' windchimes that have long thin rectangles of colored glass..(using fishing line to suspend them)-use whatever tickles your fancy. You could place it in front of a sunny window so the light would give your room a prism of color! Adding to that-I'd place a pot of ivy on the floor in front of the frame & train the ivy to climb in & out of the openings.

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If I used it outside, I would remove the glass framed part, put cup hooks in each frame, and get an assortment of small old bottles, some colored, some clear, and hang those in each space, and put plants that will root in the bottles. Hang the bottle with chain, fishing line, twine, maybe add lil colored beads to the fishing line or whatever you use, add a raffia bow to where the cup hooks are. You could 'frame' each space with small fake ivy.

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Geez, I love this stuff.

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Since I'm a photo buff, I would use photos if I was keeping it indoors ... on a porch or something. I would get 8x10's blown up of my favorite prairie flowers or grasses, i.e., coneflowers, prairie smoke or grasses...turkey foot, big bluestem, etc. You could go either way and it would be a lovely piece of art. A pot of dried prairie grass would look nice displayed with it.

But, if I were using it as a "garden" type item, I think I would try an old method...and I still have a glass print that I gave my Grandma many years ago.

1. Tape a coloring book page on 8x10 glass... use paints to trace the page, i.e., a kid digging with a shovel in a garden or a child smelling a peony, etc...use simple bk pages..maybe some older ones. You can use water colors and fill in the traced areas with paint.

2. Tear off a piece of Reynolds foil & gently wad it up...then un-wad it. Add this to the dry painted side of the glass. Tape the foil and glass together with whatever tape you want ... electrician's tape comes in many colors or duct tape.

I would probably paint the tri-fold frame. Whatever you do...or maybe already did, please share a pic! Jeanne S.

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