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lulie___wayneFebruary 21, 2007

We plan on a 10 day vacation with our son and his children to Disney and Universal Studios in May. We plan to stay in one of the Disney Hotels on site and would like to purchase package tickets. It seems that a few months ago, I came across several site addresses for buying Disney tickets cheaper than buying them directly from Disney. (????) Does anyone know about this, if they exists, and what sites they are?

If anyone has experience with the package deals, I would also appreciate any input regarding that matter. We will have 3 adults, a 12 year old (Disney considers another adult), and a 6 and 7 year old.



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We'll we've made our reservations without the sites we were wondering about. We're happy with what we have reserved.

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For future reference, you can try mousesavers.com for information on buying tickets at a discount. If you're a AAA member, teacher, govt employee etc there are some options, but generally the discounts are minimal and the plans limited. For instance, I am a teacher but bought through Disney anyway because I couldn't get a 4-day pass through work. There were 3- and 5-day passes but I didn't want either of those. Pre-buying through Disney (purchase in advance) is about the same price or even less than most of the "cheaper" offers by the time you figure in shipping charges.

You can also buy nicely discounted tickets through Costco sometimes, but they have restrictions that I don't like.

A package plan (Disney resort hotel & tickets) through AAA gives you a Fastpass advantage that you can't get any other way, even through Disney itself. I don't exactly remember how it works--it's something like you can get more FPs in a given time. Usually you can only get one in a given time period.

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If you haven't looked into any of the dining programs, then you might want to consider it. It actually saved us a lot of money. My daughter wanted to do a lot of character meals, and it is cheaper with the dining program. Also, the walk up meals and snacks are a better deal as well...just make sure you use all of them and make reservations in advance. We were very glad we got it.

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