Egypt, Alone

phyllis_philodendronFebruary 3, 2003

My mother desperately wants to travel to Egypt, with a group. However, it looks like she will be going alone (I assume meeting with a group once she gets there). I'm terribly worried. Has anyone gone recently or heard about travel recommendations to those parts of the world?

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Phyllis, I just had clients return from a trip to Egypt. They enjoyed it and said that it was very uneventful-in a good way. You stay abreast of US travel advisories by checking the link below. One word of caution, women traveling alone in Egypt could have a more difficult time of it, so it is recommended that she go with a group.

Here is a link that might be useful: State Department Warnings

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Thank you so much, I was hoping to hear good news! My mother, bless her heart, is...well, a bit naive and I guess I worry about her a lot. I'm glad others have had good experiences. I will definitely bookmark your link.

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did your mother go to Egypt? I want very much to travel more but it would probably be me on my own.

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She is going in two weeks, thanks for asking! She just has to get herself to JFK, which I think she can manage. : ) The tour guide she is going with seems very knowledgeable of the people and culture and seems to be advising the group well (I was there about 12 years ago, so I know a little about traveling there). I just worry so much, but sometimes when you watch the news you realize it might be for good reason.

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Phyllis, I just sat and chatted yesterday for a long time with my client that went, he said that he felt so welcome and so safe while there. The number one reason was that he felt that the Egyptian people really wanted him there, they were happy to be sharing their country and culture with him. If he were able he would leave to go back again tomorrow, his only regret was that he could not stay there longer. I hope your mom has an equally wonderful time. Please let us know!

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Again Lynn, thanks for your comments. They really do make me feel so much better about this! LOL I think I'm one of the few people supporting my mom's decision (my stepdad refuses to go with her but is mad because she's going without him - go figure) and I know how much she really wants to do this. I keep telling myself that I went 13 years ago, in basically the same situation, when the country was on the verge of war. Thanks again!

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