hi need help attaching legs to this project!

mojojojogrlnjJuly 16, 2007

i found some bowling pins this weekend and I want to use them as legs on the piece pictured below....my question is how would i attach them? the little dresser top is very thin plywood on the bottom...I want to make it sturdy enough to set normal little things on...(naturally not people lol) any help would be awesome

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First of all, love your little dresser top! Here's a thought since the bottom is so thin. Could you maybe cut four pieces of wood and put in each corner? There is a screw, sorry I can't remember what it's called, but know what it looks like :-( Anyway, the screw part goes into the leg and the part that you screw into would go into each of the four pieces of wood. Gosh I hate it when I can't remember!

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oh awesome idea didnt think of doing it that way thanks that would work great!!!

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Love how it turned out. You can get these little brackets that are meant to attach to things and then attach a leg to it. They are sold with the table legs at the home store. Or you could make a base that it sits on. Make the base sturdy and attach the legs to it. Or do what wired suggested. I'd love to see the finished project.

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did you paint this top? great job
it will be beautiful when finished with legs, lovely piece for your home.

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oh I love that,very pretty painting on it,too.

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Can't offer any ideas on attaching the legs, but wanted to tell you I love your painted piece. That is going to be a pretty piece. Luvs

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That's a wonderful piece you have there Mojo. (I don't have an idea for the legs, but others have given you great advice.) Hope you'll post another pic when the BB legs are on it.

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Use wooden dowels and wood glue

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