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patty_cakesJuly 24, 2005

I'm a newbee, live in SD too, and saw you post regarding your garage sailing over the past 14 years. My question is, what 'hoods' to you do your 'shopping'? I've only gone a couple of times cause all I ever found was furniture made out of MDF, and just plain JUNK! Don't get me wrong, i'm a real junk lover, but seem to have better luck at Koby's. What used to be just the one back row of 'used goods' has grown to about three, not counting a couple of rows on the other side near the food stands. Just wonderin' if you do swapmeets also, and if you've ever been to the one in Oceanside~hear it's pretty good.

Good seeing fellow San Diegans here.

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The funniest thing here in Milwaukee is - when you go 'sailing' in the "well-to-do" neighborhoods -- they put out junkier junk and charge like it's new ! I'd rather go to the lower middle class neighborhoods ... that's MY kind of place !

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