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joyfulguyJuly 5, 2008

I've had a garden since moving to what used to be my old step-uncle's farm, three years ago. In the first year, located in the corner of a bean field, having it sprayed before I could warn the operator limited its value substantially.

My landlord worked up part of what used to be the barnyard on my uncle's beef farm for a shared garden. Last year I had a lot of tomatoes and several other vegetables ... with some squash in the basement over winter. A couple of weeks ago, I found one quite light, having been hollowed out by bugs, and some molding on one end of several, etc. ... so took several of them out and, instead of putting them into compost, threw them between the rows of this year's garden.

My landlord tilled between the rows a couple of weeks ago.

Last week I found several sprouts showing above ground where I'd thrown the squash, so went down the road offering some seedlings to several neighbours.

There's an aboriginal smoke shop next door and the resident neighbour came over to get some, saying that he loved squash.

A neighbour three doors down, who runs a large farm, brought his young son after supper, who dug up several of the seedlings - but he didn't have many containers.

Before they left, they gave me 4 slices of rhubarb cake that the young lad's Mom had made ... plus a pint of beautiful, fresh strawberries.

I enjoyed the strawberries, with ice cream, for three or four days.

The next day I took some more seedlings to their house, as I thought that they hadn't taken many ... to find that the farmer's brother had run over the original lot with the lawnmower!

The rhubarb cake was delicious!

So were the strawberries!

I'm to take some more to another neighbour later today ... and a few dozen to the smoke shop, as they say that they're sure that several customers will take them. Actually, there are two smoke shops, side by side.

Many non-natives buy the smokes, as well, as they aren't taxed.

My landlord loves squash, so I transplanted some into his section of the garden. He wanted some tomatoes, so I transplanted some into his section, as well.

I planted some asparagus this spring and over sixty of them have come up, so I'll have to transplant them, later. Planting some strawberry seeds, as well.

A market gardener that I've known since we were kids tells me how to do it properly.

Though I'm near 80, I'll have to stay alive for another three years or so, in order to enjoy the asparagus.

Good wishes for success in your gardening.

ole joyful

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WOW ---- that's amazing !!!! -- And to think it all started from little sprouts ! You're not going anywhere soon, Joyful ... you're spreading too much happiness. I only wished I lived by you .

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I'm a bit sad, as I've talked to three or four folks in the MN, ND area, over time - and to another who just moved to Minnpls. recently.

I wondered about meeting some while travelling through their area next week, to share in a family reunion of my Mom's family that's met every three years for about 25 years and it's to be next Sat. at my retired farmer brother's farm just west of Regina, Saskatchewan.

One said that she was willing to travel from near Grand Forks to either Minot of Minnpls. for a meeting, so they've planned one, at St. CLoud, for July 24.

And I'm to have either returned to my home near London, Ontario for a few days, before that, or travelled directly from Regina via Minnpls & Chicago to a reunion of former missionaries to Korea ... that's to be in NC on July 23 - 25.


Then I'll visit my niece in nw GA for a few days.

The veggies'll be hard to find among the weeds on my return about Aug. 1, I figger.

I hope that you have just a peachy summer: you have only one day in which to enjoy tomorrow, right?

ole joyful

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Wow what a great neighbor you are! And I m impressed that going on 80 you can not only garden but also compute! So many mature adults won't take the time to learn and they miss so much. Keep up the good work!

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