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mom2emallFebruary 2, 2008

My dh and I want to take our kids (who range in age from 5-11) on vacation. We would like to go somewhere tropical AND all-inclusive that has a kids program and lots of water activities. We do not have tons to spend. Anyone been anywhere wonderful with their kids that was reasonably priced? There are just so many places to chose from I have a headache already from searching all morning!!

Thanks so much!

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Hi Mom2,

I don't have kids, so that lets me out of that loop. However, 3 years ago, my husband and I went on an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica. We went to Grand Lido Negril (sorry, no kids allowed). However, they are owned by SuperClubs, who also have kids-allowed resorts in many locations. SuperClubs owns the "Breezes" all-inclusive resorts. If they're half as nice as Grand Lido then they're great.

I really wanted to go to Grand Lido, but it's waaaay expensive. We used "" to book our vacation and got a BARGAIN. We got 8 nights for around $1100, and it's normally at least 6 grand for that. You may want to check out skyauction and see what you can come up with. I know they also auction many other vacation, including disney cruises.

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Sorry to hijack but I feel compelled to post about skyauction. I found out about them recently and thought it was a great thing. Then I did a further search and found many many Better Business Bureau complaints about them. Apparently some people have great success with skyauction and others feel they've been ripped off. You should also read the fine print on all their auctions as the extras really add up. Please research it for yourself before you decide to bid. Good luck!

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