Alaska Marine Hwy ferries

trekkerFebruary 11, 2004

I'm looking at doing a tour on ferries with the Alaska Marine Highway System (

Anybody have any experience with them? We met somebody on the train who recommended the tours. We are two adults, no kids.

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We are planing to go to Alaska this summer. Would like to hear about it to.

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About 20 years ago, my husband took the ferry up to Wrangell. He said it is very laid back. Bring a sleeping bag to sleep on the deck. Also wear your shoes to bed or someone will swipe them!

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We took the ferry from Valdez to Whittier a couple of years ago. It was a beautiful ride, although that day the weather wasn't so good. The ferry itself was large and comfortable.

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I found an article 'Seeing the 'real' Alaska by sailing Inside Passage'
which also recommended this book: Adventure Guide to the Inside Passage & Coastal Alaska' by Ed & Lynn Readicker-Henderson. Found it at the library.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seeing the real alaska by sailing inside passage

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If you don't want to sleep in a sleeping bag on the deck, reserve a stateroom. It is not luxurious, like cruise ships, but laid back and fun. You are sure to meet some interesting people and see wildlife. We saw many, many orca whales, eagles, puffins, sea otters. Bring medication if you get seasick.

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The ferry system is as it claims, part of the hiway system. It is not luxury travel, like a cruise liner. It is efficeint and comfortable. We have traveled it several times. It is cafeteriia eating, and if you are lucky, there are some comfortable chairs. Don't be lured into thinking that sleeping on the deck, or floor is a fun experience if you are over 30. LOL The staterooms are also very basic, but I would not travel without one. If you get motion sickness, make sure you get something for it. We have not been on in rough water while traveling the inside passage, but the movement still causes some discomfort for some people. Better to be prepared than miserable. We take our own food. You are allowed to go to your vehicle twice a day, but it is best not to have the need. The scenery is outstanding, and wildlife viewing at its best. The short trips or longer destination are enjoyable, if you know what to expect. Foot traffic is boarded before vehicles, so by th time the vehicles are parked below, the good locations have been claimed for seating or deck camping, and that usuallt means for the whole trip. Be prepared for cold and wet weather, even in warm weather months. Most important of all, is to enjoy the time. You can meet, some really great folks, as well as some real characters.

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