New Bud Platinum...It's the bottle...!!!

forboystooJuly 7, 2012

I don't post here but I thought you guys would appreciate the new beer I picked-up..

Comes in a GREAT blue bottle.The label comes off but I've got to work on the glue.

I've never made a bottle tree and love the ones I've seen here.

Maybe one will be in my future.

Better start drinking...:)

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Sorry...I think I should have posted in Garden Junk forum.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

I've found some of those commercial labels don't respond well to water but are more of a peel-and-stick type of adhesive. I had some wine bottles with labels that would not come off no matter how long they were soaked. Finally warmed one in the oven and it peeled right off. Too hot and it set up like concrete, so it was a tricky operation. I haven't tried it on these Bud bottles, but I love blue bottles for my white wines.

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They come off easy! I peal the 2 labels off then get some Goo off and a scrubby, this removes the sticky stuff then a good wash in hot water and some Dawn. Walla!!! you now have a clean bottle.

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I know! I love the new platinum bottles. The craft ideas are endless.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

I believe you mean 'voila', which is French for "Ta da!". Walla is half of a town in Washington. :-D

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I love these!!! I didn't have to use anything but soap and water to get the label off. Ran it under hot water, peeled it off then a little soap on a sponge and the sticky stuff came right off.
Think I'll make a peacock for the yard with them. Will use the bottles for the tail.
They sure are a gorgeous blue.

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Here's a lovely stained glass bottle window ornament, from Bealtaine permaculture cottage in Ireland.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh my gosh, that is a beautiful window. Almost makes me want a kiln to flatten bottles in, but I don't have the talent to put them together with other glass.
I love it tho, thanks for showing.

There's a person around my area who sells flattened gray goose vodka and other interesting bottles to use as appetizer plates.

I passed up 3 of those blue beer bottles that were sitting on the curb a while back. I was in a hurry, then I regretted it ever since. such a nice size.


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Another cool idea, if you can find someone with a kiln, is to fire the blue bottles until they are flat, carefully drill a small hole in the top, and make windchimes!!!! That's why I 'forced' myself to consume many, many bottles of Bud Platinum beer one summer, just to have plenty of blue bottles for future projects! (man, that sucked to have to do! hahahahaha)

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I think it's so wonderful when manufacturers come up with such lovely and recyclable materials as these beautiful BLUE bottles. I think we ought to send them thank you notes!

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I spray the labels with wd40 and let sit for a few mins and they are easy to take off any bottle

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EATREALFOOD.... who fired your bottles for you and, more importantly, what did they charge you? THAT is simply GORGEOUS!!!!

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