Sillite scr in island pic?

juleecatMay 23, 2013

Our new island was installed yesterday-carpenters overlooked cutting electrical box holes and light switch on end panels. (They need to return to install shoe molding after floor tiling is completed and they will cut the holes at that time) Doing some searching, I stumbled across sillites. Not having much luck searching for pix or feedback on their functionality. Cleanup sink is in the island however most of my appliances prep work is usually done on the perimeter, so the outlets on the island will rarely be used. Anyone able to provide pictures and/or feedback? Thanks!

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We used Sillites in our new island. Like you, I rarely use them, but they sure come in handy when I need an extra outlet. I positioned 2 of them on an end that faces the cooktop, so they cannot be seen when entering the kitchen. The outlet covers are paintable and I used the touch up paint that came with cabinets...pretty good match. My only complaint is that it is sometimes difficult to insert a plug, but it always does go in and functions properly. I will try to post a photo...have to wait for kids to come home to help me!

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There are some posts and pictures of sillite outlets in the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: sillite in island

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