lawyer update....good news

doodlebooMay 6, 2009

The lawyer friend is taking on our case for just the cost of paperwork.

He said custody will be NO PROBLEM. They will demand her medical,criminal and rehab records since it is a child welfare case and the proof will all be right there in the pudding.

Supervised visits will be easy peasey as well. She could choose to drag it out but it will be made harder for her if she tries to do that. In the case she won't play ball we WILL push for almost two years of back CS and we will also push to have visits even more limited.

Since a failed drug test is considered possession in the state of Georgia she may not even want to try us. She still has the pending trial for drug felony and the current and documented drug overdose to contend with. A failed test would probably mean automatic jail time. She may not even want to go there. She has screwed herself royal and is pretty much pinned in a corner.

In the meantime we will have full legal custody so the girls would be safe no matter how long she tries to drag it on. The lawyer said we should be sure to tell her it will be no skin off our teeth if she drags it out since we arn't flipping the bill and it will only make it WAY harder on her since we won't be "nice" about it.

J has to fill out all the paperwork and meet with the judge to establish the temporary custody order. We are going to try to get protective custody so if she does see them before the hearing it will still have to be supervised. AFter all of that is in place she'll get her papers.

This is a chance for her to do what is right for the girls. Let's see if she takes the selfish route or makes the decision that's best for them.

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Yay! You have a lawyer!
Yay! Things are looking up!
I'm happy for you.

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That is WONDERFUL!!! It will be tied up before you know it.

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my fingers are crossed for you.. that she does what's best for the girls!


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That's great news for your family! I'm so glad things are looking up for you.

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great news, good luck!

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That IS great news!
It's great when the system works like it's supposed to.

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Congrats!! Even if she does take the selfish route, she still doesn't have a snowball chance in H**L!!! u guys r doin right for the girls!!

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