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doodlebooMay 1, 2009

I know this won't come as any big surprise to you ladies but heres the update.

BM has been released from the ward and she has gone right back to the boy friend. She had told her mom, J and I that she was going to leave and requested another application to the House Of Hope. I'm going to send the application anyway but we all know she isn't going to go.

Her mother had offered to buy her medications because she is currently not on medicaid and isn't working. She needs her mood stabalizes and now also meds for the Hepatitis C and she can't pay for them. The boyfriend had the nerves to call and ask her if she was still going to buy BM's meds. Of course BM's mom said no. Her and her husband are sickly and on a fixed income and they would of been scrimping to pay for the medication but they were willing to do whateveer necessary if BM was willing to go into treatment. Theres no point in paying for medication if she isn't going to get better.

Apparently BM also called Grandma and got into a screaming match with her accusing her of siding with J and I. GM told her it had nohing to do with taking sides and her only concern was her grand children's safety. BM told GM that she would see her kids one way or the other. GM told her that the judge would decide that. BM said the judge wouldn't decide S*** and she would see her kids because she is their mother. GM told her then start acting like a mother. BM slammed the phone down on that statement.

Now we are all paranoid that her and her BF are going to try and do something extremly stupid like try and snatch them from school. We are thinking about going ahead and switching the girls to the new school instead of waiting till the end of the school year now. J has another appointment with the lawyer Monday but he is going today and telling him the situation is getting scary and we at least need something temporary untill the actual court hearing.

They are two highly irrational and unstable individuals. Who knows what they will pull. I know control freak BF is just itching to get his hands on the girls so he can feel he has "won". BM is unstable and subsequently dangerous but BF is just flat out scary. I wouldn't want him showing up at our door. J has started parking his van around back and I have a new car they have never seen and wouldn't recognize. BM's parents have a gun down where they can reach it because they are so nervous. Intense stuff.

They do not havetransportation and they live four and half hours away so I'm hoping BM was more or less blowing steam. I don't thinkany third parties would want a hand in this kindof domestic drama but if their friends are as crazy as they are who knows.

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Hold onto the girls , do what you can to protect them.
Most likely mom is blowing steam and yeah, she will get intoxicated and mostly likely kill herself in the coming years if she doesn't get help.
She is in denial. She has a liver that is going into failure. She doesn't have long time on her hands. Hope she uses in better.

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J got a call form the Lawyer today. He is actually a key board player that plays in a local band when he isn't working. Turns out he knows J very well and is refering him to a friend of his known to take on charity cases involving children safety issues. He isn't a family law lawyer, that's why he is refering us to his good friend. I can't wait to get home and find out what was said during the call.


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'BF is just itching to get his hands on the girls so he can feel he has "won".'

This scares the bejeebers out of me.

Once guys like that "win", that's never the end of it.

remember when I wondered if your move was a blessing in disguise?

Maybe this is your opportunity to get them into the new school-
& don't tell anybody where they are.

sending protective thoughts for those girls.

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I know you said you could not get orders of protection for the girls. BUT I wonder if YOU couldn't go apply for one for yourself; get one on BM and on her creepy BF. I think this situation is certainly volatile enough that you could justify getting one. Just say violence + drugs on the paper and I think the judge will grant you an ex parte order. THAT way if BM or her BF show up, you can call the police ASAP and they will take it extremely seriously. If you have an ex parte order, and they show up at YOUR house, even if it is to "see the girls," they WILL be arrested.

I think you need to plan for the worst here. Not trying to scare you, but anytime drugs are involved, the potential for escalating violence is always there.

As far as BM being blameless in this situation...nope, she's not. Yeah, she is mentally ill, but she is also choosing to abuse drugs and remain in an abusive relationship. She walked out of rehab. That was a choice.

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