route 71 in Arkansas

linda7February 9, 2004

We are about to take a trip to Texas and are going to take a different route. Does anyone know what the road is like from Joplin Missouri down through Arkansas to Texarkana on route 71? It is marked as a scenic route. We have taken "scenic" routes before and they have taken way to much time. Any help would be appreciated. Linda

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It is very scenic, but also a very curvy narrow road through the mountains. Nice drive if you don't have any traffic, like an RV or semi that has to go slow. If you are not in a hurry, it is nice.

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Thanks for the information. We drove another road like that and we enjoyed the view but not the semis that were driving to fast. I think we will take the interstate. Thanks again.

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I am familar with 71 from Joplin to Fayetteville, it is a 4 laner. I am not sure of the highway # from there on. I do know there is a new 4 lane road through the mountain range, it runs from Fayetteville to Van Buren - Ft Smith area. We take the old road sometime and you won't find semis on it with the new road finished. I love it there and would move there in a minute.

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I drove Hwy 71 from Joplin to Texarkana on a business trip and even though my mind was on the business side I enjoyed every minute of the trip. It is lovely. Jonesy if it weren't for the bugs I would move right beside you. My parents came from southern Missouri and it and northern Arkansas are beautiful.

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The only thing different I found about the bugs, they have lots of ticks. I think I could adjust to those if I could live there. My cousin just pulls them off and rubs a little bar soap on the spot. They don't even worry about the head. I just want to live anywhere there is some water and lots and lots of trees, especially pines.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ohhh my home state. I miss it! :(

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