Cheap Honeymoon?

butterflylrFebruary 19, 2004

I am getting married on April 10 in UT and I would like to have a fairly cheap honeymoon. I was thinking to drive somewhere near UT and stay before I have to drive back home to WA. Anyone have any cool ideas?

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I also live in Washington, and I am leaving for Utah in mid-April for a vacation. I would think that Utah would be a photographer's paradise. We are going to stay at Bryce and Zion. Kodachrome state park is supposed to be wonderful.

If you don't want to go that far south, go back through Mitchell, Oregon. There is a clean and relatively inexpensive motel there. You will want to see the Painted Hills unit of the John Day National Monument at both sunset and sunrise so Michell is the logical stopping place. Next you can drive northeast to the Sheep rock or blue unit" and do a little hiking. From there travel up to Fossil. If you like to collect fossils, you are invited by the city to go up behind the high school and have a go. We found a flat pointed "bricklayer's?" trowel to be the best tool for removal. There is no place in Fossil you would want to stay. Travel west to the Clarno unit of the John Day monument. It is best seen at sunset and is a nice hike, but the closest nice place to stay is Shaniko, which will be a bit far if you have spent much time in Fossil. From Shaniko I would go west to 197 and then take that to the Dalles. We are going to do that because we are hoping the orchards will be in bloom. Take the Oregon side of the river home so that you can stop at several of the falls. Get out of the car and do a little hiking. YOu will see some grand falls that way. Multnomah isn't the only one worth seeing. That's one idea anyway. OF course all of that may be old news to you.

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