Is it dangerous to use or other discount agencies?

Ginny_CaFebruary 25, 2003

I am hoping to go to Yellowstone this summer but the roundtrip ticket will be near $600. Seems a bit much. I've never used or similar agencies. Now I am reading you may regret it if you try and use such companies. Does anyone recommend them or should I just bit the bullet and pay the $600? That round trip price is from San Jose, California in July. Thanks!!


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We have used priceline for booking hotels an have found it to be a great resource, but we have never had much luck with air fares using priceline. We are reluctant to use priceline when we are not sure about the trip. We are waiting at the moment to see what effect a war migh have on the price of gasolne because we want to go on a 3,400 mile trip this spring, and I would hate to have to pay 2 or 3 times the current amount for gasoline. The big deal is once you book your trip then you are going to pay weather you go or not. One tip on using priceline. Lowball your first price, and priceline will always send you a message that your price is really to low an they will ask you to up your bid, but we always send in the low bid again and many times that bid was acepted. In your note you stated that the fare is $600. so start with a bid of $400, it doesn't cost anything if your bid is rejected. Enjoy Yellowstone!

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I've used Orbitz a couple times for airline tickets and rental cars.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orbitz

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I use all the time - love it.

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I just bought plane tickets to Ireland on Travelocity, and I've used them before. Never tried Priceline, though.

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I've used priceline last year on a trip for the fours of us from d.m., ia, to richmond and it only cost us $800 round trip with one layover each way and all of the taxes and surcharges were incl. At the time the regular fare was about $1300.

One tip to you though. For an additional $15 per ticket you can buy the right to cancel and reschedule your trip and get a refund minus the $15. It would be worth it. I didn't do it because of the additional charge and then we almost had to cancel our trip. I was really sweating it.

My sil uses expedia and usually flys from the reverse direction for about $200 for just herself.

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I think $200 per ticket is too much to pay for a cross country trip. Through Travelocity over the last 2 years I've paid $120 round trip from Los Angeles (LAX) to Washingtion D.C. (Reagan National), $177 last year from LAX to Boston and I just bought 2 round trip tickets for a total of $323 (thats $161.50 each total) from LAX to Chicago. The bargains are out there if you do your homework.

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Ginny, I would not use priceline. I use Travelocity all the time and did get 2 RT tickets from OH to CA for 230.each back in Jan and they are for July.
You have to really check for low rates, watch for how many connections you have.
The best time to purchase tickets online is Weds. Good luck.

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I have used Priceline over a dozen times for plane tickets and have had no problem. We have gotten some really good prices as close as 3 days before the trip. I've never used them for hotels or anything else. A friend has used them for hotels and she got a really good deal on 5 star hotels and had no problems either. The only problem with the plane tickets is you have to be able to fly pretty much any time of the day. When we are going on a trip and want to leave, say, after work and school, we can't use it since they choose the departure times.

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Hello Ginny CA
We just got back from our spring vacation. We pricelined rooms for 8 nights Memphis(1), Baton Rouge(4), Boloxi (2), and Nashville (1) night. The Memphis was an Adams Mark hotel which was a super nice king size room for $38.00 that night. The Baton Rouge stay was at a Marriott Courtyard which was a nice double queen size room, but the matress was soft and I spent some time sleeping in a overstuffed chair, and we paid $60.00 per night but I think that was because of the national basketball finals were in New Orleans which is just down the road. Then Boloxi was in a Holiday Inn and the room was a little nicer than the Courtyard, and we paid $60.00 for that room as well. Nashville was at another Holiday Inn and the room was a King size and very nice, for $58.00. I ask at Nashville what the regular rate would have been and they stated $149.00 so I was a happy man. As I stated in a previous post to this topic the big deal is once your bid is accepted you are obligated for your reservations. I checked our email draft folder and we sent out 31 bids for those rooms so you will spend some time getting your reservations, but I feel like it was well worth the effort to save a bunch of money.

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I have found good deals on the internet, but a good travel agent will do all the leg work for you and can almost always meet or beat any of the best deals you can find on your own. Plus if you encounter a problem with your reservations they will go to bat to get it resolved for you.

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Bill, you got some great hotel prices! I wonder if we put in for a "5 star" hotel in Nashville if we would be so lucky and get the Opryland Hotel for $60 or $70 a night, LOL!

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This company is horrible! I put a bid in for a 3 1/2 star rating and got a 3 star rating back. They should of rejected my offer instead of putting me into a 3 star rating. To make matters worse when you asked them to refund your money they said that they will only do it if you go higher or lower than a 3 star. So i want to choose a 3 1/2 or 4 star rating but they don't offer that. So they expect me to even go lower than a 3 star rating to 2 1/2 rating. I then asked if i can change the location so i can get into a 3 1/2 to 4 star rating and they said NO!. The CS reps are trained not to give you any refunds at all. They will keep you on the phone for hours and give you the runaround. Do not use this company.

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The guy who writes our travel section in the Sunday paper does not recommend it. Usually you don't save enough to risk loosing it all if there is a problem. He said if you do use them, get everything in writing, so you have proof of what you were promised.

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