Slurry is my new best friend

loribee2April 23, 2011

I've called him Mr. Sea. It's sort of a play on Mr. Cunningham for those old enough to remember the old Happy Days sitcom. All the kids called him Mr. C. Or at least, Fonzie did.

But anyway, Mr. Sea's cracks have been repaired, and he's now floating up out of a "pond" that will be tiled to look like water. Though the base added weight (I'm guessing he's about 50 lbs now) I am happy with it. He's much more solid now.

I also discovered slurry! Oh, I love it! This mortar has been sandy. I keep brushing sand off this guy. The slurry is like sealing him with a nice smooth coat of paint. In this instance, I used a slurry to bind the second coat of mortar to the first, but I think even when I don't have a repair job to do, I may slurry my pieces anyway. The finish ends up so much cleaner, and I have to believe it helps add strength.

Anyway, Mr. Sea will get a good rest for a couple weeks (and so will you! LOL). I'm still waiting for some additional tile samples to come in, then I'll need to place an order, so he'll sit under plastic and cure good before I get to the next step. In the meantime, I think I'm going to try fashioning some sunflowers on rebar stems!

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OMGosh....that is amazing! I love him...NOW I WANT ONE! Please post more pics when you give him some color. Are you going to tile him or paint him?

I've never heard of slurry before but have started some garden projects so I will have to check in to that stuff. Is that what it's actually called in the store? Does it have a brand name? Is one better than another?

I'd love to see your sunflowers when you get them done also...that's my FAVORITE flower and am working on some for my garden as we speak.


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LORI: I'm still in awe of your project. Absolutely wonderful. Re your sand - you can sift the mortar to take out the larger aggregate, but remember - that's what the mortar IS - sand and Portland cement. ADDIE: Slurry is a thinned down version of the mortar - add water to your mortar to make a nice mixture that you can brush on w/a a paint brush. At least that's what I do. If you use the Mapei polymer modified mortar, it's even smoother. If you have access to silica sand, mix your own mortar - two or three parts silica sand to one part Portland cement. The reason I don't mix my own is the cement comes in a 96 lb. bag. I just use the mortar mix, and I sift out the larger rocks to make it smoother. Even when I don't add the slurry, I go over the whole thing w/a brush to smooth. LORI: Your finish is BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE what Mr. Sea sits on. Good job all around. Awwwwwwww - TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks ladies!

Addiesue, my plan is to mosaic him, though this step has turned out so much better than I expected, I may make other sculptures that just get stained. I like the idea of mosaic on this one because it really lends itself to water and scales.

My Lowes does sell Portland cement in 60 lb bags, so I mix my own mortar. I made my slurry with 2 parts cement and about 1 1/2 parts water.

I really appreciate the kind words. He's been so fun. I never realized how much I'd enjoy sculpting something with my hands. There's a lot of gratification in taking a pile of hardware and ending up with something beautiful. And I have to keep giving credit where credit is due. I'm pretty sure it was the nice people on this forum who told me I HAD to try armature. LOL You were right!

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You have done such a great job!!! I love him !!!

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I have to say it again! Over The TOP!!!! He is fantastic! BRAVO!

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He is wonderous.
Mr. Sea, is a good name too.

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Oh you lucky duck - had no idea cement came in smaller bags. That WOULD make a nice smooth slurry w/no sand. You have done such a fantastic job on this. You've raised the bar, girlie. CALAM - guess we could take some lessons here, huh? I'll just bet we'll be seeing more amazing sculptures from you, LORI.

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