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suziequeFebruary 10, 2009

Hi all -

I am a 50-something single woman who loves to travel, but am at the point where none of my friends are able to for one reason or another. I am not interested in "Singles" trips - or any type of thing where it's just a meat market and the purpose is to find a partner. I'm just interested in having a good, enjoyable, time seeing someplace new.

Alas, those darned singles surcharges are so annoying. We pay more and get less. I've had a "singles room", which I paid a good amount extra for, and it was the size of a small closet; literally just enough room for a twin bed and about 18" on one side of it to get to the bathroom.

Does anyone have any ideas of trips that I could take that wouldn't be 1) all singles, looking for someone, 2) all couples and I'd be completely alone or the 3rd wheel, 3) might be reasonable when it comes to single suplements and single space?

I'm open to international and domestic, any type of trip. Probably not Asia, as I've been there multiple times. I guess I'm mostly looking for specific companies or specific links. I'm very interested in wildlife, sea life, etc., as well as exploring old, quaint towns.

Thanks for any suggestions, or let me know if you have questions.


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The Alabama Gulf Coast is a nice area. There are some great restaurants and bars, concerts at The Wharf, nature trails, and museums and historic sites. Plus the beaches are gorgeous. It's my favorite place to vacation.

Here's a web site you can check out:

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Thank you, carolweaver. I'll look into it.

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