Junk Brothers (HGTV)

nwroseladyJuly 14, 2006

Anyone see this new show, debued last night (Wednesdays, 11:00 pm)? It features two brothers who drive around, find stuff left out on the curb, pick it up, refurbish it and return it (unasked) to the original owners.

In the first episode, they turned an old dresser into a kitchen island with a new top, and turned an old cooking range into a barbeque with wheels. Bummer! I just bought a new stove and was delighted to have the installer remove the old one. I could have made it into a barbeque. On the other hand, I don't have all the tools the Junk Brothers have. Their workshop is a dream of space and organization.

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Sounds like a good show. I will try to catch it next time it's on.


Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV Junk Brothers

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I agree, Roselady. I yelled and told my DH to come and look. Their work area is to kill for! The thing that got me was the amount of money they probably spent on turning that "junk" into "treasure"! I don't know how practical the idea really is, but it's sure interesting! LOL

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I have free long distance phone so I called my sis in Ohio and we watched it together. I'm in New England. I really liked the kitchen island but wasn't too personally thrilled with the stove BBQ. It was definitely a "man's thing." We laughed when one of the guys jumped on top and the other pushed him down the road. I wonder what they'll make next week. I checked their website but it doesn't say. Wish it wasn't on so late. HGTV Rocks!!!

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They are turning a desk into bedside tables and a bicycle into a ceiling fan....I know, but that is what I read..no kidding...

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Hi everyone! Great ideas all you folks come up with! i really don't think you need the Junk Brothers to help any of you out! i think you all are wonderful! such fresh and fantastic ideas. the junk brothers is a canadian tv programme (and i am a canadian) you might like to try out HGTV.ca. thanks again for all your wonderful ideas!!!(and follow the links for their programme)

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