Help me with ideas for rustic/unusual hooks

zoiepooJuly 26, 2005

Here is my scenerio. I am leasing a log cabin built in 1890's. (I have frequented this old log cabin with my children for over 20 years but just obtained the lease three years ago.) My heat is from a wood burning stove and I visit as soon as I can make a path thru what I hope is the last snow of the winter and as late as Thanksgiving - so I use the stove alot. I have found it very useful to hang things up that need drying behind the stove overnight like a dishtowel, bath towel, soaked coat or hat.

I would love to use something for the hooks or coat rack type of "thing" that is really unusual and/or rustic. I would like there to be a number of hooks that would go across the full space behind the stove - maybe 3 feet because with visitors we have alot of wet "stuff".

For theme ideas: We have bear, mountain lion and of course deer since it is called Deer Lick Mineral Springs and is in the N.CA Trinity Alps mountains. The cabin is called "Up the Creek" as there is a winding creek that is on 2 1/1 sides of the cabin. There are trout in the creek. There are no moose but I lived in Alaska and love fun "moose" stuff.

I am thinking I should stay away from wood or a flamable material due to the closeness to the wood burning stove but on the other hand it has never been a problem when we hung "stuff" back there.

I would love any ideas any of you might have. Thank you so much. Below is a link to my photos on the web and you can find the Deer Lick cabin photos to get an idea of what the cabin looks like.

Here is a link that might be useful: cabin photos

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you might consider various vintage door knobs mounted on a piece of rustic barnwood or mounted on time-worn wide molding

one of my favorite in our home is large brass hooks with ceramic nob ends that we found at Lowes and mounted on a painted 1x6

over my washing machine I have a variety of old glass drawer pulls on a narrow (3 in x 30 in) strip of barn wood -- I hang handled baskets on it and get lots of compliments

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How about deer antlers? I mean I know they'd be flammable (eventually!) but I think they might work. Even if you're not a hunter (or know one!) you can find antlers that deer have shed (shedded?) in the woods. Just an idea.

Also, people who process venison might have a supply of smaller antlers.

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I saw mounted roe deer antlers used once as hooks to hang kitchen towels in a cabin kitchen. The antlers are very small, mounted on a tiny taxidermist plaque. I've seen them on Ebay and antique stores. You could probably pick up any size mounted antler (not the whole mounted head! yucko), or find deer antler that have been shed in the woods and screw them right to a board. I loved the roe deer ones because they were so sweet and tiny...

Here is a link that might be useful: Roe deer antler

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There are interesting wall plant hangers at places like WalMart that would make good hangers...some even fold out of the way as needed.

You might also consider huge nails just nailed into the wall in that area. Especially if you find some square ones. That is about as rustic as you can get.

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Mcauleym - I have used the brass hooks from Lowes you mentioned for a coat rack next to the door of the cabin. I like your ideas for your home with the glass pulls.

Des and Amanda - I have seen LOTS of antler "stuff" on Ebay and searching the web for "rustic" or "cabin" stuff. We both are not into hunting themes at all and that is what I think of with the antlers. Also - since you can find them everywhere - I was hoping to find something I WOULDN"T see in someone elses cabin.

TwoMonths - I will check out the idea of the plant hangers. That is a GREAT idea and especially useful that they could fold out of the way. The nails by them selves would be hard to see in the sorta dark cabin but is rustic.

I actually thought about hanging up the unique hooks they had in the cabin. It LOOKS like they cut wheelbarrow handles (round at the end then square) off at an angle and nailed the angle to the wall with HUGE railroad spikes. They are definetly rustic, but I was hoping to use them outside for hooks on the front porch by the front door.

Thank you all for the great ideas.

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I have seen old utensils bent to make hooks. ~Anj

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- Railroad spikes (don't know where you'd get them)
- Large landscape spikes (landscape section at hardware store)
- Any large nail, which will eventually rust giving you a "rust-ic" look. har dee har...
- Small round ceramic drawer pulls, like from the 1950s.
- Clothing hooks from dollar store.
- Wooden pegs, either cut from dowels or fancy turned ones.

HTH (hope that helps)

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the most rustic type I know is a forked branch- trim just below the fork, then flatten the 'outside' of the larger branch, and drill two pilot holes.

shaker styles pegs are appropriate, as are any kind of forged iron hooks- you might find something in the garden centers, with the shepard's hooks and plant hangers.

more slick-looking ones would come from restaurant supply houses, where you can find all sorts of pot hooks and things to swing lids from.

lightweight ones can be made yourself from 10 gauge copper wire (I collect foot long scraps from construction/wiring sites, not everyone takes the time to recycle themselves)

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Be aware that if the hook you use is iron or steel, and NOT coated with something, it will leave rust marks on any wet items you hang on it. Some other items above might also leave stains. So be sure to take that into account when you decide on your hooks.

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I agree with red, you may want "rust"ic, but you don't want to put rust stains on your guests clothing or towels. How about old brass or glass door knobs.

I sure wouldn't hang stuff there tho. I would put them on a wall a little farther from the fire. Here, there is a code that the stove has to sit a specific distance from the wall. That may be why you have the space there. Be careful.

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Grandma Jan we do have building codes that I met or surpased. The wood burning stove is double walled itself but I still put it just over 3 foot from the wall plus and now I have used brick (from an old wood mill) going up the wall behind it even though no heat seems to radiate to the wall.

It was by accident that I realized what a great drying area that was - because like you - I would have never put cloth anything BEHIND the wood stove. I had our butler and secretary make one of the first trips with me in the very early spring, after I had got word that the lease was finally mine. While I was busy scrubbing walls down and ceilings - John was chopping wood and getting snowed on. When he came in - he hung his wraps on old wooden pegs that were behind the stove. His wraps dried overnight without feeling hot or giving off a wet smell while drying. Marian started hanging the rags and dish towels out to dry there also as we scrubbed and cleaned. I came to the conclusion that it was safe and very useful.

Anjabee - I love the idea of the old utensils and will be eyeballing such items for the use.

Chucker 30 I would LOVE to find some unusal or fancy turned pegs and will think about how to make some.

China cat - a forked branch would be perfect and SO available. I might be able to find some REALLY interesting forked branches. All your ideas are great: shaker style pegs, forged iron hooks and the rest. supply house. I will go look.

I have been thinking about the rust/stain you mentioned Red Confetti and would paint the item to LOOK aged/rusted or aged so that it would actually be very clean.

Thank you everyone! You have all given me lots of ideas to check out. I will attach a picture when I finally solve my challenge.

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I found some neat, painted or unpainted hooks at a specialty store which sells all that currently "in vogue" "architectural iron elements", plus all sorts of garden elements, for lack of a better word.

I bought the painted ones for my bathroom, and bought some which match and are towel rings. They're quite rustic looking.

Actually, you've probably rediscovered the "why" of that space behind the stove. It also makes a lovely place for children to play, and was one of our favorite places in the first grade room where I started school--we had one of those big big round wood stoves.

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Well, Marge, I was going to ask you to share the name of the specialty store that sells the architectural iron elements but since you are in Texas - I suppose California may not have the same store. It sounds like it would be on my favorite list.

I am glad someone understands the usefulness of the back of the stove - and from a far more personal view than most. Somehow I am not picturing you in Texas in first grade - maybe I am just not able to muster up the image of the wood burning stove in a Texas setting because I have always been there in HOT weather. Thank you

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