carousel mounting

alyafenumeJune 3, 2008

My mother loves to paint up the carousel horses and display them around the house, however she doesn't know how to mount them on a poll. She's tried just cutting a hole in the bottom/top and sticking a pole through but then doens't know how to make it stay in place. She swears there used to be a book on it.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated.

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Here's how my husband did them for me.....he bought the wooden closet rod that he cut to the right height and used a spade bit to cut a hole in the top and bottom of the horse. They have the ones you put on your drill to cut holes in doors,too.It was exactly the right size and the horses stayed where I put them, but he would put a wood screw under the horse to hold it up, and it wasn't seen. Most I would use a coffee can and cement to put the horse on the pole in, but it's much nicer if you use a round of wood and set the pole in it. I sold a few to a lady who used them to display clothes in a baby and childrens boutique, others bought them for their yards or porches. You can disguise the can with greenery and flowers.

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