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des_arc_ya_yaJune 7, 2005

Anybody know of a good one? I found a few, but most just show one idea and that's a plant ladder! LOL Would like to find one with photos, if possible. Thanks!

Just aquired two long old wooden ladders for free! (Well, they cost me a thumbnail! LOL)

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I just bought 2 small wooden ladders at a garage sale. I saw in a store where they had hung a ladder from the ceiling with chains and It was at Christmas time and they had it decorated with twinkle lights and christmas greenery. It was really cute. My DH built me a cottage and I'm going to hang them in their and hang stuff from them.
Hope you get alot of ideas.

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Here's a picture of a shorter ladder turned into a shelf unit. I have a short ladder than leans against the wall and hanging on the rungs are a couple vintage baby quilts. How about using them as trellis' for some large climbing plant?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If you garden at all, you caould lay it on the ground and use the sections for an herb garden.

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I saw this post last week and had to wait to answer til I had time to "join". So I'm new here, but have some ideas for an old ladder. We made a hanger for pots and pans from about 3 feet of the ladder. Hung it with a chain and put hooks on to whole pans. With the rest of the ladder, I am going to mount a mirror behind the rungs and hang it longways across the wall. If these ideas are not clear, I will try to post a pic or two.

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I saw on TV some time ago where they took a long ladder and cut it and made it into a star shaped was great. Maybe on Debbie Travis. I have seen them used as magazine racks in bathrooms or family rooms. Also as a quilt rack.

Also, do a search on this forum for many good ideas.

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I have a step ladder in my flower garden that I planted vines and am anticipating how it will look.
Also I use a ladder to hold up my tomatoe plants. I use posts pounded in the soil to position the ladder horizontally above the plants,tie the ladder at the posts so they grow up throught the holes between the rungs. They flop over the rungs and it keeps them of the ground.
I have a step ladder half I want to use as a trellis against a building.
I am a gardener, can you tell?

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DH is building an archway, for lack of the correct word, to enter out back yard out of fence posts like they use around fields, that still has the bark on them and across the top he is using an old wood ladder. He is going to plant vines around the posts and of course i will hang something t2t from the rungs. It's going to be beautiful.

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Still has the bark on. I saw somebody do an arbor with green wood like that. The next year, suckers were growing up all around it.

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Does anyone know where I can get a pair of fruit picker's ladders. Any condition.
Jane Thomson

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There's a new magazine out...about trash to treasure. I've only bought it once, but it had directions on how to turn a ladder into a cool bookshelf by cutting off the angle side and attaching AC vent grates to the steps.

Also using the other side as a towel rack in the bath.

You could probably figure this out yourself but you can email me and I can hunt for my copy and mail it to you.

Good luck.

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Found some options on Decorating Cents,1793,HGTV_3490_5223328_02,00.html

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Not my artwork, unsure of who to give credit to.

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