loribee2April 24, 2011

I've got a spot in my front yard where three of these would look adorable among the shrubs along my fence. It's sort of a yard I share with my neighbor (technically my property, but the two little spots of our front yards have been landscaped as one). She will ADORE these. She brings her friends over to see my garden, LOL I'm not even going to tell her I'm making them. I'll just have one "show up" one day as a surprise.

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OHMYWORD!!!!! Look at her go. I TOLD you it's an addiction. I can't WAIT for your creations now. These w/be WONDERFUL. What a great idea!!! Good job on the sculpting. When you gonna start mosaicing these little beauties?

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It's all your fault!! LOL

But seriously, I just placed orders with Wits End and Mosaic Art Supply (almost $200 yikes!!). I got enough for my sea serpent and some sunflowers and probably butterflies too. Hopefully, I'll get them in the mail before the end of the week. If not, I'll be at Lowes buying more diamond lath and rebar and piling up the projects.

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That is sooooo cool!!!!! Can't wait to see how they progress. The shaping is really lovely.

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I bet those guys/gals at the hardware store are gonna be wondering about this Lady who comes in all the time for lathe/mortar/rebar...I have been asked about my silicone caulking addiction(I buy it by the case now!lol!)

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LOL Calamity. I'm curious, though, what do you buy silicone caulking for?

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Oh its going to be wonderful. Such a perfect shape. So fun to surprise your neighbor.

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I use GE Marine Silicone caulking for GOG projects, cuz it dries FAST and CLEAR! But mostly fast and it in a nice (expensive>Just went up to $5!!!) managable tube...heh heh.

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