singer treadle sewing machine

jerseygirl82June 27, 2005

I was given an old singer sewing machine from a neighbor and would love to have the cabinet and iron base restored. Any suggestions, or referrals of where i could get this done?? The machine is intact~I will leave it in but don't really mind if it doesn't work~I mainly want to use it for a table or small desk. Thanks!

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Do you not want to do this yourself? If the iron is rusted, you might need to have it sandblast, or you could clean it yourself and use navel jelly. I have had very good luck this way. As for the wood, I would clean it and put tung oil on it. If you don't want to do this yourself, find a furniture restorer in your phone book or ask an antique store owner who they use.

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I redid the one I have in my living was a veneer that was all tearing off...I peeled it all off and found it was oak underneath. I've since heard that oak used to be a cheap wood and they covered it up with veneers to make it look more expensive. After I got it all peeled off...I sanded it good and stained and waxed it...It still looks old because it has lots of dings and scratches in it...

I use it for a lamp table...


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What a find! I have two and they bought work. I don't really use them, but I play with them now and then for old time's sake. I think the above suggestions are great. It will look better cleaned up with the dings and all. After you get the rust off you can repaint the black metal and it will be perfect. My mother had my first one sandblasted - wood and all and now the wood if really grainy. Tough lesson to learn. CS

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