Airlines lost luggage - need advice

krystyna4January 21, 2006

If there is a better forum for this, please advise. I have never lost a piece of luggage in 40 years of traveling until now. I have a claim in with Southwest Airlines and trying to get through the inventory forms. I know they will depreciate clothing, shoes, etc. so I am bummed that I will not be getting replacement costs back for some of my prized possessions but instead a fraction (if any) of what I really spent. I have googled to find out if I should also claim against my homeowner's insurance. One advice was don't do it: the risk of being dropped by your carrier is not worth the paltry amount anyone would give you. I don't know how depreciation is calculated but found a government list on the web.. example: maximum life of shoes is like 2 years old (well, it didn't pay for me to take good care of my Sesto Meucci sandals! :-(

It's gonna take days to go through all my receipts (I happen to save them all throughout the years).. is it even worth it? any rules of thumb?



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I lost (someone stole, apparently) a large bag, containing 12 days of my best outfits, on American Airlines. I was very lucky in that they reimbursed me 100% - no depreciation whatsoever. A few things were excluded, such as jewelry (it was only costume)and some notecards (artwork?) which are specified as not covered in the tariff.

The only receipts that were required were for items over $100, which I didn't bother to list at full value, since I didn't have the receipts.

Good Luck!

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